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Forever Home for Ellie!

Ellie, previously known as Astrid has been adopted! Rachelle and family always have soft spot for rescued dogs. Infact, Ellie is their third rescued dog that they adopted from the Shelter. Previously when they were stationed in Hong Kong, they adopted a Hong Kong Special. Despite knowing Ellie is under treatment for tick fever, this lovely family decided to proceed with the adoption, hoping to get her in good health soon. We are happy for Ellie 😊

“We are so happy to welcome Ellie ( perviously Astrid) into our family. For us, every mixed breed dog is completely unique. You don't know how they will grow, what their character type will be or how they will look once they grow up. Just like having a human child 😊! We are excited to see how Ellie will grow up. She was very scared and shy the first 3 days and also recovering from some infections and illnesses but we knew with patience and care she would eventually perk up. Within the week she was playing with the children and eating well. Everyday she has improved and is a happy little puppy now. We feel fortunate that we were able to adopt little Ellie to be part of our family for ever.” - Proud Pawrent of Ellie, Rachelle Berges and Family

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