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Forever Home for Casper!

I'm happy to announce that our sweet boy Casper had been adopted by the loving family of @liifaang!! 😻 😻 I still remember how stressed everyone were when I went down for the home screening. Lifang's mom mentioned it is like having a MP coming for a visit!! So cute la!

Casper was rescued off a telegram group when foster Kelly @meow_ttf happened to be in. I guess the rest is history after Casper was in our hands.

Casper now has a great family who doted on him and have a furbro XiaoXiao whom he can played with. We couldn't have wished for a happier family for him.

Lifang told us recently that Casper has a new nickname called 五毛 as his meow sounds like this pronunciation. Do continue to follow Casper on his IG!! 😻

Thank you to Lifang and family for adopting Casper! We also like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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