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Forever Home for Amber!

We are glad to announce that Amber has been adopted! 😄

“Amber came into our lives after months of searching. Among all the animal welfare groups we contacted, only Purely Adoptions called back to really understand our situation and assured us that they will help find a good match for us. Purely Adoption delivered on their promise.

Amber instantly melted our hearts with her gentle and sweet character. She loves being around with her humans. Whenever she is in her playpen, she lures people in with her sad puppy sounds. Once inside the playpen, Amber will either quietly sit on your lap or actively play with you (caution on playbiting as any other puppy does). Oh how she loves shoe laces too!

After 5 days of fostering Amber, we decided to adopt her and our lives will never be the same without her.

We dedicate this simple poem to Amber.

What's in a name?

*A* mber is the colour of sunrise and sunset

*M* eant to give us hope of a new day and rest for the next

*B* earing the shade of yellow honey

*E* manates the sweetness of her personality

*R* esin of old, welcome into our fold” - Proud Pawrent of Amber, Kat and Family

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

@Silverskypets - Free premium Wellness Kibbles @Silverskypets - Free premium Naturediet @roots_technologies_sg - Free premium brand Toy @noelwhiskylifestyle - ( special deals for Purely Adoptions Adopters only) @petsmagazinesg - Leading monthly Pet Magazine in Singapore @waterventure - collapsible bowl

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