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Emma found her furrever home!😻

12.12 is a happy day for the Cheong Meows and their mama. It’s the day when their foster friend Emma found her furrever home, finally after 4-5 years of attending adoption drives and searching 🥹

Her foster mama is especially ecstatic. She always believes that there’s a wonderful home waiting for Emma as she’s an awesome and amazing cat. Emma was previously at @alisoncatcare Foster mama didn’t understand why no one picked her at adoption drives so she decided to foster her. Foster mama always sings praises of Emma to her fellow crazy cat friends 😻 She told them Emma is so easygoing and is the easiest cat to be medicated. No struggle at all. Smart girl knows the meds can help her😸

Emma and her foster mama’s dreams finally come true recently. A nice family visited Emma and wants to give her a home trial. Everything went purrfectly well and Emma’s adoption is confirmed very shortly 🙏🙏 Here’s what Emma’s pawrent says about this sweetie pie:

“Emma is such a sweet and lovable girl. She would greet everyone she sees with so much warmth and friendliness, even to new strangers. She also loves making a lot of cute vocals along with her funny antics. We are grateful to have her as part of our family 👨‍👩‍👧”

Thank you Elaine and Horng Bor for giving Emma such a wonderful and loving home. Emma baby, we did it 😘🥰

We wish to thank our sponsors for supporting our cause always :

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