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Chee Kueh's Story

We first learned about Chee Kueh in March 2023. Back then, a brief interaction with his fosterer revealed that Chee Kueh had been without a permanent home for more than a year since he was rescued. We listened to stories about Chee Kueh's failed homestays, and how he had no enquiries at adoption drives. Compared to younger, more active dogs and cute puppies, 8-year-old Chee Kueh had a menacing look - a huge frame, large paws, and face full of scars - which may have been the reasons why no one took an interest to him.

We didn't take him in then. We had just lost Bruno, a Singapore Special, to an insidious disease and so we were not ready to welcome a new dog into our home yet.

But the story of Chee Kueh stayed in our minds. 3 months later, we decided that it was time and we began Chee Kueh's homestay. We were surprised that he fit in so well. We were mentally prepared to deal with separation anxiety (afterall, he had been with his fosterer for six months and had the loveliest bond with her), snappiness, and the other "patterns" that we had been warned about. But not only did Chee Kueh not act up, he just took to the house like he was always meant to be here, Chee Kueh showed us just what a loving dog he is. His ears would flatten sideways and he would chirp (like a bird!) at us happily when we came home from work. He would snuggle up to us on the couch, and "boop" us with his wet nose every now and then when he had a bout of the zoomies. But mostly, he continues to be a low-energy dog, fitting into this low-energy house, with his low-energy owners.

We're so happy to have him in our family. Thank you Jiabei for the trust in us, and for allowing us to care and love this beautiful being that you've put so much time and energy into rehabilitating. Thank you PurelyWoof for facilitating the adoption.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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