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Baymax joins the Assistance Dog Training Program!

"On the lookout for potential puppies to join our Assistance Dog Training Program, Baymax came to us at an opportune time. While his history is uncertain and he was socially inept, his simple joy and love for people shine greatly. In a couple of short weeks, he has improved in reading social cues and problem solving and has shown us a great willingness to learn. All he needed was a chance. We are proud to welcome him into our Assistance Dog Training Program as our second dog in training, and we look forward to the day he fulfills his purpose as a "personal healthcare companion."

I hope you enjoy the haikus on sweet boy, Baymax.

Clumsy pup, all paws,

Trips over feet, bumps the wall,

Slobbery kisses too.

Love-filled puppy eyes,

Big heart for people and food,

Hope to truly grow.

Big brain, a clean slate,

Learning cues, solving puzzles,

Baymax blooms with joy.

Future filled with hope,

Helping others his own way,

Loyal friend, brave heart." - Christine

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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