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Adoption confirmation for Suzie 😻

Suzie was rescued by a senior feeder/rescuer, together with 7 other cats. All of them were adopted except for Suzie because she is FIV+. Alison, the kind cat lady decided to take her in. Since then, Suzie had stayed @alisoncatcare for a couple of years. Under Alison’s tender loving care, Suzie blossom to an affectionate sweet lady. When her new pawrents expressed interest to adopt Suzie, we were all over the moon. Finally, her chance has come.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to @ladyleighannvclim & hubby for adopting Suzie, simply because she is a FIV+ cat. Thank you for opening your door for another FIV+ mature cat. Our deepest gratitude to @nesethi for connecting us, without your help, Suzie will never be able to find such a great home.

Big shoutout to the team @alisoncatcare thank you for taking such good care of Suzie. Not forgetting for giving her a superb spa session before going home.

There are quite a number of FIV+ cats in the cattery waiting for their forever home. With consistent care, love and balance/complete diet, FIV+ cats can live a long and fulfilling lives. FIV does not spread through grooming, sharing of food/water bowl or cat litter box. The primary mode of transmission is through deep bite that goes into the bloodstream. Please contact us if you would like to adopt or consider to adopt a FIV+ cat, we will be glad to walk you through.

Last but not least, we want to thank our sponsors for supporting our cause.

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