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Adoption confirmation for Sushi! 😸

Happy New Year from team @purelymeow Thank you for adopting, fostering our rescue cats and donating to our cause. We can’t do this alone and we are grateful for your suppawt always 🙏😻

On this first day of 2024, we like to announce that Sushi has finally landed a home with a lucky adopter. Her adopter is none other than @purelyadoptions founder 🎊🥳😻 Here’s what Estella has to say about her precious princess Sushi: “Sushi was found wandering around a deserted area at East Coast Park a few months ago, skinny and hungry. She looks like a home cat and Purely Meow rescuer Adeline was worried she might not be able to find food and decided to save her. Soon after, we have a potential adopter for her. Unfortunately Sushi doesn’t get along well with the resident cat. She was also meowing loudly every night 😅

I foster Sushi thereafter hoping to rehabilitate her. She has been a good quiet gal for first few days until she gets too comfortable in the new enviroment and starts to meow loudly again. She will meow whole afternoon in order to get attention. When i’m on the verge of sending her to boarding, i was told of another urgent case where we need a place to foster some cats. I volunteered and to my surprise , it turns out to be a good decision. Sushi becomes quiet and obedient. She will jump on my chair when I am working to cuddle with me.

Gradually, I fall in love with her and decided to adopt her. I was thinking she will probably be returned back to PurelyMeow again if she revert to her old self of constant meowing 😅 Since then, Sushi became a sweet good gal and I’m glad i call her my Princess now 😘“

Congratulations Estella and Sushi. May you find joy and love in each other’s company furrever 🥳🏠❤️

PS Even though Estella is the head of @purelyadoptions , she is required to pay the adoption fee too to defray part of Sushi’s vet bills 🥳

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our adoption cause 🙏

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