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Adoption confirmation for Mochi (formally known as Blinkie)😸

We cannot contain our excitement when Mochi’s pawrents decided to proceed with her adoption. This sweetie has waited for almost 6 months for such a great forever home and superb pawrents! Finally her New Year Wish came true! Mochi has an adorable fur-sister, Poocha, she is such a cutie too. Follow them @poocha.mochi to watch their naughty act and playtime! Both cuties are the next Top Meowdels!

Mochi immediately adapted to her forever home. She charmed her pawrents with her good personality, they said:

We love her so much! She charmed us with her sweet face and personality and we are happy to have her forever. ♥️

- Roshan & Sabiha

Thank you for choosing Mochi and showering her with lots of love, toys, yummy food and care!

Big shoutout to @thestrayaffairs for trapping Mochi during their routine TNR program and @melted.hearts for fostering her.

Last but not least, we want to thank our sponsors for supporting our cause.

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