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171224 Megan 2nd Barkday Party 2017 (Dec 24)

Venue: Megan 2nd Barkday Party

Purely Adoptions has been invited to be the beneficiary of Megan 2nd Barkday Pawty. Thank you Simon and Joanne Goh for supporting us in our cause.

Many Pomeranian parents turned up to attend Megan 2nd Barkday celebrations and every furkid were so well groomed and they were all blessed with pampering parents who shower them with load of love. They also had beautiful dresses and toys to play too.

In contrast, the family pets we rescued and the strays along the street often had to fend for themselves and survive on their own. They do not have enough food, are not groomed and live with the sky as their roof, under the scorching sun and bracing the wet rain. Hence, it is our goal to rehome every dog we could and a dream that all dogs could have a home.

Thank you to all the guests who had donated food and money to Purely Adoptions. The $230 received will go towards helping the strays and neglected family pets. It is wonderful to learn that these group of pawrents still think of the less fortunate fur kids out there and let us know that there are many more who cares.

Thank you for a wonderful party, we had a blast!

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