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171119 Bremen Park Adoption Drive 2017 (19 Nov)

Venue:Bremen Park, Exhibition Hall 4 Date:19 November 2017 Time:10am to 5pm

Purely Adoptions was at Tokyo to attend the Bremen Park adoption drive. Thank you to Do One Good for informing us of this mega Adoption drive in Tokyo. We met with Isso Takahashi san who is leading the Do One Good team. Noriko, who is also a good friend of ours, also brought us around to meet the other rescue groups based in Japan. The stray issues is similar in both Singapore and Japan, where there are many abandoned Pedigree dogs as well as mongrels and cats. At their booths, they were raising funds through the sales of collars, leash and calendars.

Many AWGs in Tokyo are doing their best to find a home for these animals. The Shih Tzu club volunteers also shared with us that the seniors Shih Tzu are commonly abandoned because of medical and age issue. This situation is common in Singapore as well.

While we Purely Adoptions is in Singapore doing our rescue and rehome work, it is heartwarming to know that there is a large global community of people who equally strive to help the animals. Do One Good in Japan organised Adoptions drives so that more dogs and cats can find a good home and we came back with more hopes than ever of a day where all animals can find a loving family.

Gambatte (Strive forward) to all Animal Welfare Groups both in Japan & Singapore!

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