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171112 Super Sunday Pets Carnival 2017 (12 November)

Venue:Lentor Loop (outside Bullion Park) Date:12 November 2017 Time:11am to 3pm

Purely Adoptions was at Super Sunday Pets Carnival! This Adoption Drive is a joint collaboration with Lentor Neighbourhood Committee, held at Lentor Loop (Outside Bullion Park).

We brought our puppies and rescued cats that were up for adoption. We also sold our Purely Adoptions 2018 calendars for $10 each to raise funds for our cause as well as tickets for our Christmas Party "Paws For A Cause 3" at $68 per ticket.

We would like to thank the Lentor Neighbourhood Committee for the fun and fulfilling Sunday and to our dedicated team of volunteers, thanks for all your help and time!

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