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170930 Pawsitive 2017 (30 Sept – 9 Oct)

Venue:SOTA Date:7 October 2017 Time:10am to 10pm

Purely Adoptions had a successful adoptions drive at SOTA. Many thanks to Silversky Pet Care with Wellness 10th Year Anniversary PAWSITIVE Interactive Art for Pets. We received many enquires on Milo, Polo, Gigi, Maggie, Baby and our Purely Meow cats. It is so important to bring awareness to the many strays out there that needs our help and that they too need a good home.

Special thanks to all team members who has came down to help out in this Adoption drive. They are : Charlene; Alethea, Elise, Siew Ching, Adeline, Kelly, Jonathan, Jass, Jass mum, Jass Boyfriend, Purely Meow independent feeders n rescuers. Although it was pouring heavily (literally raining cats and dogs) on 7 October, we strive to promote our puppies and cats for adoptions. Indeed a tiring day, but nonetheless, with satisfying results. Good Team Spirit !

One of our favourite Singapore Special Panda, together with his parents Kathy and Mr Chan, graced our event. it was a beautiful moment seeing the reunion of Panda with is fosterer Sharon Goh. He remembered her and kept being "manja", asking for her attention. This is what loyalty and unconditional is, and we remain inspired by it everyday.

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