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170521 Abbie & Yukki Barkday Pawty Donation 2017 (21 May)

Venue:Abbi @ Yuki Barkday Party Date:21 May 2017

Purely Adoptions is grateful to receive a donation of $1,030 from Adeline Kwong for Abbie and Yuki's Birthday Party. We are honoured to receive your donation and your constant support towards our cause and we will use this money in our rescue work and for the medical expenses of our rescued pups.

Abbi and Yuki Barkday Pawty has been a fabulous gathering of friends and furkids. The well-organized pawty was filled with joy, happiness and love between humans and their beloved pets. All the furkids were really well groomed and wearing beautiful dresses too. It was hard not to be mesmerized by these furkids amidst the fun.

We would also like to thank our sponsors for their support in the event: Silversky Pet Care Groomers' Art Noel & Whisky Animal Theme Products PetsBoutique Bam's ride

Thank you to Silversky Pet Care and Wellness for sponsoring the TOP 3 prizes worth a total value of $420.

Special thanks to all friends who came down and supported Abbi & Yuki's Birthday Party. Their participation made this gathering a success. More importantly, their contribution will help us to rescue and rehome more strays and family pets. Good teamwork everyone. We are sure looking forward to another session of informal sharing of ideas and grooming tips with fur kids Pawrents☺️.

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