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170414 Pet Expo 2017 (14 – 16 April)

Venue:Singapore Expo Hall 7 Date:16 April 2017 Time:11am to 8pm

Purely Adoptions is once again at Pet Expo, a 3 day event that was planned to bring the pet community together and engage everyone towards pets ownership! It is our 3rd year participating in the event and our main objectives were to:

  1. Promote Adoption

  2. Raise donation via sales of merchandise

  3. Encourage pets to wear doggie tags

With the exposure at Pet Expo 2017, we are able to showcase our rescued dogs to the public and expose them to more opportunities for adoption. Through the 3 day event, Clefiary caught the attention of Wilson and his Friend Anuar. They asked many questions, which showed that they were sincere with the adoptions of the dog. It was similar for Snorlax (now renamed Snorla); Snora's calm and gentle nature caught the attention of Azza, Patrice and their 2 sons. They inquired more about the personality of Snora and June was there to share with them. Sora who had been very obedient also caught the attention of both Eric and Pamela who is looking to adopt a dog. We are glad to say our efforts paid off and and CleFairy, Snorlax and Sora were all adopted soon after! Glad to see our adopters visiting us with their pawfriends too! Kudos Team!

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