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170305 Nee Soon Pets Fiesta 2017 (5 Mar)

Venue:Blk 838 Yishun St 81 Date:5 March 2017 Time:10am to 6pm

Thank you Nee Soon GRC Pets Fiesta for organizing an excellent 2017 Pets Fiesta. Nee Soon Pets Fiesta has been an annual event in which we have always participated in as this adoptions drive provides us with another opportunity for our rescued puppies to be adopted. Not only so, many Animal Welfare Groups also showcased their puppies and dogs up for adoption. For pet owners, the fiesta serves to educate and inform, with many descriptive and engaging presentations on issues such as the importance of walking your dogs on leash, pet grooming and that adoption saves lives.

We receive a surprise visit from Mama Mel's puppy, Waffles too. She has been adopted by Audrey and her family and the mongrel looked so much like a cream Labrador Retriever! Much thanks to Maria Magdalena for the $300 donation. We will be using the money for our monthly purchase of rice to our stray feeders.

The Sunday has been tiring, but it was nonetheless fruitful and fulfilling. Kudos to the team: Jacinta Goh, Elise Hong, Chris, Adeline Kwong, Kelly Lee, Siew Ching, Yong Tat and Edna. Thank you for helping to man the booth and taking care of all the puppies. Great team work Purely Adoptions!

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