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Ying Ying (Vera)


Purely Adoptions received a distressed alert from one of our team members. There is a mixed dog which is emaciated and suffering from skin allergies.

The plight of this young dog is very sad. The restaurant is ceasing operations and the 5 dogs residing there need to be rehomed. This pitiful young dog is friendly and wagged her tail as we approached her. She is fed on rice, chicken and left overs.

We rushed down to meet Ying Ying (young dog). We felt so compelled to help her, bring hope to her and provide a good home for her. Her condition is similar to Bones, who is on his road to recovery. We are certain Ying Ying could as well.


We managed to transfer Ying Ying from the restaurant to the fosterer's place on 24th September. Ying ying is a very quiet and gentle girl and sat still throughout the journey.

When she arrived at the fosterer's place, she let the fosterer's helper shower her and prepare her sleeping area. She seemed to eat quite a bit on her first day and we were confident in fattening her.

However, our main concern is of her her skin. She is practically bald and we decided to bring her to the Vet the next day for a checkup.

Thank you Jinny and Sylvia Lim for their donation of $100 each to Ying Ying's case. They reached out within a week of us posting about Ying Ying on Facebook and we are grateful for their kind contribution. We are also thankful to everyone else who had kindly donated to her. Your support will definitely help her into a speedy recovery.


Ying Ying went for her first Vet visit and did a full blood test, Heartworm test and Skin Scrap test. We wanted to know what was wrong with this girl as it pained us to see her bony scaly red skin.

Ying Ying was diagnosed with Demodex mites. Mites are crab-like external parasites that live on and inside the skin, pores, hair follicles and hair coat of cats, dogs and many mammals. Demodex Mites (Dermodex Canis) is one of the four main species of mites and the general term for a mite infestation is mange. Dogs develop symptoms from demodex mites when their immune system is immature or weakened and therefore unable to keep the mite numbers under control.

Ying Ying required doramectin injection weekly and she is due for skin scrap every 4 weeks. Her chronic skin issue will take a while to improve, even with appropriate treatment. Apart from mild anaemia, her blood test results are ok and her Heartworm and Tick fever test came out negative.

We are very hopeful for Ying Ying and confident that she will be plumped up in a matter of n time. We certainly hope that she responds well to the treatment.

Her medical bills stood at $369.60 and we are thankful to the those who have contributed to her medical fees.

1. Jiiny ($100)

2. Sylvia Lim ($100)

3. Additional donation from Bam's Love ($300)


Inspiration quote from Ying Ying :" There's hope in this world. You just have to believe in MIRACLE"

4 OCTOBER 2017

Ying Ying, the emaciated dog is eating well at fosterer's place and her tummy became rounder. It has been a week since she was rescued and we can finally see some new baby fur growing. Ying Ying is currently on weekly boost jab and it seems like she is responding well to the treatment. Keep on fighting, Ying Ying!

10 OCTOBER 2017

Ying Ying went for her 3rd boost jab on 10th October and she is getting stronger, rounder and definitely heavier. She weighed 17.2kg.

Ying Ying has made tremendous improvement since she was first rescued. She will be receiving her 4th jab the following Monday as well as a skin scrap test. If the skin scrap test shows negative, its meant that Ying Ying does not need any more weekly jabs and she should be good to look for her forever home.

22 OCTOBER 2017

Seeing a happy dog really makes our day happier!

This is Ying Ying saying hello to everyone on this beautiful Sunday. She will be going for her weekly jab tomorrow. She has made tremendous progress from the day she was rescued and has put on lots of weight and her fur has grown back too. She is ready for a new home anytime!

28 OCTOBER 2017

We took Ying Ying down for Paw Fest 2017 held at i12 Katong and she received a few enquiries.

27 NOVEMBER 2017

This is Ying Ying sunbathing at 2nd Potential Adopter's house. Heard that she is doing well there. I believe we will have good news soon!

13 DECEMBER 2017

We are so blessed to received the good news! Ying Ying (renamed as Vera) has officially been adopted to a really nice family who loves her a lot. Thank you Mr & Mrs Mar for loving Vera and providing her a forever home.

We simply love the pictures of her and her family. Her sparkling eyes and happy smile speak a thousand words. We know she will be a happy dog from now onwards.

We are Purely Adoptions and yet another happy ending.



We received the latest update on Vera. She has put on quite a bit of weight, loving her new life and family. She gets to go to dog run very often and everyone in the family love her a lot.

Vera was severely emaciated when we first rescued her. We nursed her back to health, found a wonderful family who love her to bits and thought she can start a new lease of life. However, life has been cruel to her. Vera was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumour (MCT)-Perianal Mass during one of her vet visits. She underwent surgery to remove the affected lymph nodes but that didn't cure her. Her MCT was Grade 2 - High Grade (with Grade 3 as the highest rating and the most severe and aggressive). Her life expectancy is around 6 months to 3 years for some lucky case.

Isn't life unfair? She is a wonderful gal with a very nice temperament. Her family has created an instagram account called @vera_wuf to record her daily life.

Thank you Mr, Mrs Mar and Xavian for your love for Vera. She is a lucky girl to have found you. Vera, we pray for miracles and hope that this MCT will diminish, as much as it might just be a wishful thinking. You are such a young girl and there's a great life ahead of you. We really wished that you could have more time to enjoy life.

10 MAY 2018

It's nice to see Vera enjoying her life to the fullest. We are really glad that her illness did not deter her from having fun everyday. Thank you Mr and Mrs Mar and Xavian for giving Vera such a wonderful home. Loves the pics!

22 MAY 2019

For those who just followed our page might not know Vera (previously known as Ying Ying). We rescued Vera 2 years ago in 2017 and she was emaciated with terrible skin issue. Fast forward 2 years later, she is a chubby beautiful gal and a foster mummy to many of our foster dogs. This is the latest picture of Vera. To learn more on Vera's rescue tale, check out: Vera also has an instagram account @vera_wuf which document her daily adventures.

Thank you Xavian for the updates. You and your family definitely took very good care of her.

28 JUNE 2019

This girl is 5 years old! So happy for her. She came a long way and we are glad we found Mr & Mrs Mar and Xavian to give her a forever home. You can check out Vera's rescue tales at:

Happy Birthday Vera!! 🎂🎉 #Repost @vera_wuf

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I am 5!! 🥳😍💓🐾by the grace and mercy of God😇 I’m still counting counting..... 😀 🙏 Love the meaty-cake🎂 mama baked for me🥰 so yummy 🤤!! thank you 💗💗🐾gorgor daddy n mama!! You are my world!!💖💖💖🥰😍

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