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Snow White & 7 pups

13 MAY 2018 (MOTHER'S DAY)

Hot news from Purely Adoptions Newsletter!

This afternoon, we assembled a team of rescuers to help with our mummy dog and her puppies. Both Francis and Shirlin, Stella and Patrick went down to the construction site at 4.30pm. We were full of anticipation and excited to start our rescue mission.

Thank you Jeffery from the construction site who provided us with Personal Protection Equipment such as safety helmets, safety boots and safety vest. We entered the site and found mummy dog with her 7 puppies in a metal tunnel.

Silently sitting there, we saw mummy dog nursing her babies. It’s mother’s duty to nurse her puppies. Suddenly, she realised that we were approaching her. As she saw us approach, she got scared and started to withdraw.

We had to act fast, Stella (wearing red) crawled into the tunnel to get closer to mummy and to see the puppies. The dogs started to growl. Stella took her time and starting talking to mummy dog, assuring her that we were there to help her. As soon as Stella was within reach of the puppies, she transferred them into a box. Mummy dog got desperate and took one of her puppy into her mouth. The puppy was crying and wailing and we were so worried that she would harm her puppy.

In the meantime, Francis and another worker blocked the opposite entrance with a metal fence. We knew we had to think and act fast. We stopped transferring the puppies and gave mummy dog some space. She slowly calmed down and settled her puppy from her mouth to the ground. We waited and waited.

All of a sudden, mummy dog took flight and ran out of the tunnel. Stella took this opportunity to pick up and place the 7th puppy into the box. We had to rescue the mummy dog as the puppies were only three days old; their eyes were still not opened and they needed mummy milk. Time was running out.

Francis quickly contacted dog catcher, Mark Lo, to come and help with re-enforcement. But he had to do a transport and could come only in 15 min. We are worried as mummy dog was running away. We had to do something. We used the puppies' cries to attract the mummy dog. She was circling and came close to check on her babies.

She circled and came closer, but still we do not have the equipment to trap her. Luckily, after several attempts to get closer to her puppies, mummy dog decided to take a rest in the tunnel. This gave us some precious needed time.

Soon Mark arrived and he took out his net and carrier. He acted fast and swiftly, cornering the mummy dog to the end of tunnel where we had a fence in place. With a swipe of the net, mummy dog was captured. He transferred her to the carrier.

Immediately, we took both mummy dog and her 7 puppies to Animal World Veterinary Clinic. Accompany her, we were so touched to see her looking lovingly at her puppies.

Today is Mother’s Day. True to the qualities of a Mother, this dog is so concern of her puppies and she refuse to leave their sides. She loves them dearly as all our mothers loves us.

We have decided to call her Snow White and her 7 puppies : Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey.

.... our story of Snow White and her 7 puppies to be continued.


17 May 2018

We have receive home cooked food from Shirlin Lam and Lee Francis. This specially prepared food consists of Pork liver with minced pork rice. I was really tempted to the the food prepared for Snow White when I smelled the fragrance of the pork liver.

Thank you Janice Oh for your donation of towels. We have already used some towels to provide warmth to the 7 puppies and cushion to mummy Snow White.

It is so heart warming too as we also receive donation of $600 from Adeline Kwong, from her contribution from @Abbie n Yuki Barkday. While celebrating her fur kids pawty, Adeline had helped towards the medical bill and payment for the trapping of Snow White and her 7 angelic puppies.

Special thanks to Ryuuko Ookami for her donation of 15 packs of Toplife Milk for Dogs. Mummy Snow White simply loves the milk and licked up every drop.

This rescue of a mummy dog and puppies has strengthen the team spirit of fellow Singaporeans. We may not know each other but we all have a common goal. The goal is to provide for mummy dog and make sure that she has plenty of nutritious food, is comfortable and has plenty of milk to feed her babies.

23 May 2018

We received the following donations from the following:

1. Lily and Audrey - 18 Can of Wellness Puppy Food.

2. Elysebeth Ng - 6 can of Wellness Puppy Food

3. "Snow White" - 12 pkt of Cosi Milk

4. Vicky Dai - 1 pkt of 24lbs Wellness Puppy Kibbles

5. HoliDog Resort - 1 pkt of 28.67lbs Taste of the Wild + assortment kibbles

6. Peiyun - 1 pkt of 33lbs Nutragold

7. Janice Oh - Towels and Necessities

To donors above, we have received the items and a huge thank you for your donations.

Snow White and her 7 puppies are doing well at the fosterer's place. Mummy Snow White is always looking very happy nursing her puppies in a safe and comfortable environment. The puppies are growing fast and some of the puppies started to open their eyes. We will continue to keep every posted on their progress.

If you like to contribute to Snow White and 7 Puppies, you can visit :…/… ;…/1899-donate-wc-puppy-24lbs.html ;;…/2563-donate-seaweed-calcium-with-vi… . Alternatively, you can buy from your favourite pet shop and we will pick up the items from you. Thank you once again for your kind thoughts towards Snow White and her family. 29 May 2018

Snow White's puppies are growing well. All of them have opened their eyes and started to display their playful nature. The puppies are around 3 weeks. They will be up for adoption when they are 1.5 months old. We will keep everyone posted on their progress.

Thank you Siew Ching for the wonderful pictures.

1 June 2018

We have received a donation of $200 and the following from the owner of Goldie (in sweet memory of their Golden Retriever).

Its always not easy to accept the passing of one's pet. However, do remember they will always love you, no matter where they are.

We will be giving Snow White, the rescued mummy dog the donated supplements and toys to her puppies. If you like to donate any items to our dogs and cats, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyAdoptions). We will arrange to pick up the items from you. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

16 July 2018

Snow White's 1st puppy has been adopted! Sneezy (renamed as Breezy) has been adopted by Liz Bay and her family. Liz has been following Snow White's rescue tales and wanted to do more to help these homeless puppies. She had a dog previously but has crossed the rainbow bridge due to old age.

Sneezy went for trial homestay and she charmed her new family with her sweet innocence. 1 week passed by and the whole family was certain that they are ready for their new family member. Sneezy is such a fortunate girl. Thank you Liz and family for giving Sneezy a home.

4 August 2018

Purely Adoption took all the little Snow White puppies down for "Paws For A Good Cause" event at City Square Mall and received multiple enquiries on them. All was going well until volunteer Irene notified us that Happy was not feeling well. Happy was having breathing difficulties and we immediately rushed her to the clinic.

Despite all attempts, the vet was unable to resuscitate her and she passed on. A possible reason could be stress. We do have potential adopters who were interested in adopting Happy and they were shocked to receive the news. We were devastated as well. Nonetheless, we had to proceed with the event and our mood was ameliorated upon a few successful arrangement of trial homestay and inquiries on our dogs.

Purely Adoptions try our best to rescue and save all the animals but we know that sometimes, there will be things beyond our control. While we grieve over such mishap, we know we simply have to work harder and will work harder for all our doggies and cats.

We sincerely hope that Happy will be cheerful on the other side of the rainbow now.

5 May 2019

We have just posted on Snow White's puppy Dopey (D'Artagnan) adoption and we saw another updates on Bashful (another one of Snow White puppies). Both dogs seems to have a beautiful smile 🙂 We are sure Bashful is very happy is her current home. Thanks Jayanthi.

17 May 2020

We just received the latest updates on Sleepy. He is going to celebrate his 2nd birthday next month and we are so happy for him. Sleepy is one of Snow White's puppies ( and it took us 1 year to find his forever home. We are so used of having him at adoption drives and it caught us by surprise when he finally went for trial homestay which ended up adoption. Sleepy barks very loud and we thought we will never find a home for him but we believe there's a suitable family for every dog. We just need time. Priscilla and her brother appeared and that changed Sleepy's life.

Thank you Priscilla and family for loving Sleepy. We are very happy to receive this update 😊

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