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Potato Chips

23 MARCH 2020

Plight of Potato Chips the siamese mix cat


When we first saw Potato Chips, he was newly rescued by a newbie rescuer after town council complains, etc. We are happy that he got rescued which means he will be helped. However, after a few months, his original rescuer abandoned him at boarding without paying for his boarding cost and his health had deteriorated. We decided to help him by bringing him to a vet check @oasisvetclinic.


Dr Nair diagnosed that he has stomatitis for years which is inflammation of the gums. It is very painful and that's why he is drooling and cannot groom himself. Treatment is to extract all his teeth as the plaque on the teeth affects the immune system causing inflammation. Xrays will be done and GA time is expected to take 3 to 4 hrs. As it is a painful treatment, a tube is put in his neck to assist him to eat for the first week. Total cost for his dental work plus after care will cost about $2000.


We had raised approximately $4400 for Brave And Baby last week who had unfortunately passed away before more treatments can be done. We had attached copies of the invoices and the donor list is located on @purelyadoptions Facebook Post


We will be using the balance amount to help Potato Chips get his life back and to pay off some of our other invoices when we rescued the Garden cats. We will keep everyone updated on Potato Chips dental work coming 27th May. He will be up for adoption once he is healed. Once again, we thank each and everyone of our supporters for helping us to continue to help the voiceless one at a time.

30 MARCH 2020

It's been a few days after Potato Chips' major dental surgery @oasisvetclinic and I must say he is managing well despite the discomfort he is experiencing now. Thank you Dr Nair and her team for helping Potato Chips!


Please don't worry, Potato Chips has a pain patch to help him with pain relief. He is also currently on tube feeding to minimise any Potential infection. With time, once he is healed up, he will be a much better cat. His quality of life will improve and its through the help of the public and your donations. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Potato Chip's next review is 2 weeks from Now and let's us look forward to seeing him being his normal friendly self again. Please keep him in your prayers!

15 JUNE 2020

Rest in Peace Potato Chips!

I am saddened to inform everyone that Potato Chips had passed away on 13th June 2020.

You may wonder what happened to him since he was doing well after his surgery. The sad thing for Potato Chips is that a few days after his surgery, he started to feel unwell and started to have bloody stools. It was touch and go for him. We knew by then that he may not get well anymore even though we had tried what we can to help. From the team @oasisvetclinic, to his main carer, and even Potato Chips himself fought like a champ to win this battle but it was just not meant to be.

I also want to apologise to the potential adopters of Potato Chips that he is not able to join your family. But he is at peace now. I had failed once again. 😭

Even though Potato Chips is not my own rescue, I will miss him and I do love him. He will always be the handsome and gentle boy in my eyes. Until we meet again, be happy and run free at the rainbow 🌈 Bridge, Potato Chips!

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