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Born in the forest, Panda was first sighted by Joanne in Jan 2016 and she decided to rescue all of them together with their mummy dog.

However, mummy dog was seemingly overwhelmed at the new environment and despite the security and scrutiny of the fosterer, she escaped back into the forest. We tried our best to locate her but our attempts failed and the Kungfu Panda puppies eventually grew up without their parents.

However, mummy dog was seemingly overwhelmed at the new environment and despite the security and scrutiny of the fosterer, she escaped back into the forest. We tried our best to locate her but our attempts failed and the Kungfu Panda puppies eventually grew up without their parents.

Mar 2016

We brought them for their first vaccination and very soon, our first adoption event came. We took all of them, Crane, Tigress, Panda and Monkey to Pet Expo, in hopes that they can find their permanent homes.

Eventually, all 4 of them grew up into fine pups and all but Panda got adopted. We took him down for all the events we had but luck never seemed to be side with him.

By then, Panda had to move out from his first fosterer’s place and we brought him over to Sharon, who cared dearly for him. She took him out for walks and showered Panda with lots of affection and companion. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Sharon also had to let him go. She was heartbroken but we could only move Panda to yet another fosterer’s place. This is Panda's second move.

June 2016

His third fosterer stayed in a white and black house and he met his friend, Spoky the Husky there. The large house meant that Panda could run around freely and enjoy his time with his friend.

He really loves to play and we could often see a huge smile on his face whenever we visit. Fosterer Maud and helper Olivia loved Panda too and took care of him well.

Sharon will still drop by whenever she is free to bring Panda out while we desperately appeal for people to adopt Panda.

We constantly post pictures of Panda, hoping that it will draw the attention of someone who can come forward to adopt him. However, there were few enquiries about him.

Unwavered by the disappointments, we are determined to find a good home for Panda, for he is not only gentle and unassuming, he is also eager to please and always get along well with kids and other dogs. He is also toilet trained by our fosterers.

12 July 2016

This is little Panda playing with foster brother Spoky (the husky). Panda is around 3.5mth old, male and was rescued together with his siblings and mummy. The rest of his siblings have been adopted and we are still looking for a home for him. To know more about him, pls contact 90018848. Pls share the post. Thank you.

15 July 2016

Panda is still available. Please contact 90018848.

Dec 2016

Ultimately, Olivia had to go back to her home country and fosterer Maud was unable to cope with 2 dogs. This meant that Panda had to move once again, for the third time. We took him to Ruth who also fostered him with care and love but the constant changes in his environment seemed to have unsettled him by now.

Although Sharon continued to bring Panda out for activities, the smile that was often on his face seemed to have faded.

We were still desperately trying to find an adopter for him, even comparing him to Bluetick Coohound. We saw this uncanny resemblance of him in the pedigree and we had hopes that potential adopters will too.

There were a few potential adopters and Panda went for a few home stays over the year but all were unsuitable. He is a dog with good nature and simple request – he simply wants a permanent roof over his head and for someone to love him. We are sure he will repay the love a thousand fold in his own way.

13 Feb 2017 Finally, after a year of wait, the angels appeared. Kathy and her husband, Mr Chan came to answer our calls and this is when Panda’s luck changed. Panda moved for the fourth and final time and went for his home stay. Boy was he overjoyed. He was beaming at the new place. The smile on his face as well as Kathy and Mr Chan was apparent and we thought it could be a success this time.

19 Feb 2017

It is confirmed! We have finally found Panda his forever home! After months of attending adoption drives, we are pleased to announce that Panda is finally adopted! We are so blessed to be able to see the cheerful smiles on everyone’s face; Adopter Kathy and Mr Chan, fosterer Sharon and Panda himself. It was a bittersweet moment when we think of the months before this.

Thank you Kathy and Mr Chan for giving this young boy a new lease of life. Your compassion and kindness meant a lot to us and for all those who had cared for Panda one way or another. We would also like to thank Rescuer Casper and Joanne, Fosterers Joanne, Casper, Maud, Olivia, Sharon and Ruth. We are in sincere gratitude to everyone who has helped Panda gain a new home over the past few months.

We are Purely Adoptions and we will never give up finding a permanent home for our rescued dogs regardless of the efforts we had to put into.

This article is dedicated to you and other animal lovers.

"Although mongrels are not a particularly social breed, I have been blessed with a warm circle of friends and family. Now, what does the Panda say? My shy mother was trapped for sterilization. Before that, she gave birth to a healthy brood named Monkey, Crane, Tiger and me (Purely Adoptions, Panda).

According to my rescuer’s Facebook post, my birthday is on 26 Jan 2016. Armed with our noses, we scrambled to suckle sweet fresh milk. It was a formative experience as I bonded with my mother. The second human of my life shared with me her enthusiasm to meet friends, fellow dogs and humans alike. She was fiercely devoted to (positive) socialization as we walked each other among housing estates, a well known pet café in Serangoon Gardens, Orchard Road, Kovan MRT station, Botanical Gardens, Bedok Reservior Park, East Coast Park etc. I found myself increasingly comfortable outside, ok with ‘Cars’ and other streets sounds. I even learnt two German commands ‘Sitz’ and ‘Platz’, in order to impress an expat aka potential adopter. #CountingEggsBeforeHatch

For the next 100 days, I became ‘Max’, in Latin to mean the great one! As a side-kick to a family’s Husky dog named Spoky, we were free to enter the kitchen and chillax in a black and white bungalow. I learnt to swim with the boys. When they were not around, I went skinny dipping in other’s private pool. Spoky was crazy about me. His leash is impressively long, enough to encircle the house? Spoky licked me like a toy as I smelt good. I always cheered up at the sight of my care-giver, who did not realize I was actually smiling at her until the children told her. #MyHeartBelongsToYou

By end Nov 2016, my care-giver went overseas and I parted ways with my mam who was left to manage Spoky and the big house. I admit I went on a hunger strike at Ruth’s boarding place. Luckily, I gained enlightenment, thanks to all her dogs for lending a generous ear during the first few days. I was even rewarded with quality food like mussels and salmon. I spend my days sleeping in with a fleece blanket until…Rooster Year arrived and I am adopted !

I am now forever indebted to this couple. The fact that they cared about each other deeply and roped me in a twice daily walks, each lasting one hour. I always looked back patiently for my parents to catch up. I get an apple a day to keep doctor away. Coconut oil and seafood, Kongs and a garden, I imagine many cherished days ahead..."

Credits: Sharon Goh


12 Mar 2017

This is Panda's latest video at his new home. We can see he is loving every moments with his new family. Thank you Kathy for the updates. We are very happy 😃

19 Apr 2017

Panda saying hello to everyone. Loves his happy face. Kathy, thank you for the update. Appreciates it 🙂

17 July 2017

Panda is enjoying his durian at his forever home! He is really being pampered in this new paradise!

28 May 2017

Look at who we have visiting us at Pets@Coast Adoption Drive! It was a pleasure seeing Kathy and Mr Chan, together with Panda, our little Kungfu Fighter! They went to Coney Island after visiting us and Panda was completely exhausted. It was definitely great to know that Panda is enjoying himself in his new home now.

9 Aug 2018

Panda (black and white dog) has a new brother Noel to play with. Daddy Mr Chan and Mummy Kathy adopted Noel when the owner left him behind after the family migrated overseas. Both dogs are having a good life, enjoying each other's company. Thank you Kathy for the updates. It's a beautiful National Day present for all of us here 🙂

To know more about Panda's rescue tale, you can click at

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