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Oscar & Scooby

We received a call from Dr Gloria Lee of Mount Pleasant Vet Centre (Mandai) (Formerly known as AMK Vet) one day. She has rescued two senior schnauzers, Oscar and Scooby and asked if we could help rehome them. As our motto stands, "every dog deserves a good home", we took up the challenge.

Both dogs were vaccinated, dewormed, castrated and microchipped. They had their dental done and completed Blood Count and liver/kidney/glucose and Heartworm & tick fever panel tests. Their blood tests are normal.

However, Oscar and Scooby both lost most of their teeth. Oscar was left with 1 tooth while Scooby fare better, with 3-4 teeth left. Scooby also has a weak left hind leg but his condition has stabilised. They are also past 11 years of age. It will be tough finding adopters for senior dogs.


We were unwavering on our stand of finding good adopters for the two of them. We started posting on our Facebook page, bringing them to PetExpo 2016 and NKF Pet Pawfect Health Day 2016. Basically, we brought them to every event that we took part in, hoping that this will increase the chances of them being accepted into a new home.


All seems predestined for Oscar when Francis and Deborah decided to carry him at PetExpo. Oscar felt the love from them and simply melted into Deborah's arms. He clung onto her and refused to be let go.

Seeing how persistent Oscar was, as well as wanting to find him a good home, we screened through and decided to let them take Oscar for a home stay. One week later, they called and we crossed our fingers over what we were about to hear. Oscar even has an Instagram account now, so head on to @heythesesillygooses for more life updates!

They have confirmed the adoption of Oscar! We were over the moon when we heard the news, but immensely satisfied that Oscar's life would be changed forever.

It was a similar story for Scooby as well. Damien and his family went for PetExpo and fell in love with Scooby when they saw him. He was such an affectionate and obedient boy at the event. They had a discussion and came back to bring Scooby for a home stay. We were beaming when we heard that they were interested in Scooby.

We received updates over the week and found out that Scooby was adapting well to his new place. A few days later, we received the news we wanted, Damien has confirmed that they will formally adopt Scooby.

With 2 senior schnauzers adopted, we were even more determined in our mission. We knew there are more out there willing to give these abandoned or stray animals a chance and we wanted to change the life of these animals too.

Oscar and Scooby are but just two of our success stories. There are many others who are still up for adoption. However tough it may be, we will remain faithful to our goal and find a home for all of them.

We are Purely for Adoptions, and we sign off in hopes that all our rescued dogs could find caring and kind owners just like Oscar and Scooby.


April 2016

Oscar and his new haircut!

Scooby and new friend love bird!

Reunion at Mount Pleasant Vet Centre (Mandai) with their rescuer Dr Gloria Lee!

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