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Posted @withregram • @purelywoof Murphy went for his visit to the vet today! He was so well-behaved, he makes a really good passenger buddy too 😂

Murphy is up for adoption, but as his vet check up today showed that he is getting blind progressively, we would need an adopter who is extremely patient and can take care of his needs. Besides that, he's the sweetest darling and will give you all his love, he'll be your best companion!

Gender: Male

Age: 4.5yo

Breed: SS

Any allergy: not known

Any medical condition: he went for his vet check up today and all is good, except that he is getting blind progressively 🙁

Any separation anxiety: No.

Any agression of any kind: No. The usual snap when scared.

Toilet trained: Grass trained.

Able to get along with kids, dogs and/or cats: not known yet.

If you're interested to give Murphy a forever home, please contact us at 90709585!


Posted @withregram • @purelywoof Hi everyone!! I'm Murphy and I'm looking for my furever home! According to my awesome fosterers, I'm a super friendly and relaxed pup! I like to be carried and I'm not aggressive even when food is taken away from me. I might nip a little bit when I'm too excited but I promise I'm working on being more gentle 😅 I love walks but as I might be slowly losing my sight, you would need to be really careful and look out for me so that I do not fall into drains! Night walks are slightly difficult for me too, and my foster mummy and daddy thinks my long distance sight is better than my short distance sight 😂 other than that, I think I'm the perfect companion for anyone.. hehe!

To know about me, pls contact @purelywoof 90709585.


Look at these beautiful eyes! Aren't you mesmerized by him? He is Murphy, age 4.5yr and was diagnosed with progressive blindness. A good boy I must say and he is definitely too young to be blind eventually.

If you like to give him a forever home, pls contact @purelywoof 90709585. Pls share the post. Thank you.

Photo credit: Wonderful team @ Barkway Pet Health


Posted @withregram • @purelywoof Look who we have in the adoption spotlight.. It's me again, Murphy!! Although I'm not adopted yet, I am receiving lots of love from my foster mummy and daddy. I go for outings with them, just got a new bed and even new toys and treats! What a lucky boy I am!

I've been up for adoption for a while but it hasn't been an easy journey for me to find an adopter because I'm a special needs furkid. My foster parents first suspected that I might be short-sighted when I walked into furniture at home and into a pole 😅 after my visit to the vet, they discovered that I have suspected progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) which is causing me gradual blindness. It might also lead to cataract in future.. 😔 I would definitely require more help, patience, love and guidance than normal furkids, and especially more so as I grow older and lose more of my vision. Would you be able to look beyond my needs, commit to taking care of a special needs furkid like me, and give me a forever home? I promise to love you with all my heart!!

If you would like to meet me to find out more about me, please contact purelywoof @ 90709585!

11 OCTOBER 2020

Jess and Brook started out as Purely Adoptions' dog fosterer for Murphy who has suspected progressive retinal atropy (pra) (which will result in gradual blindness and cataract in future).

Being avid dog lover, they do their best to make Murphy comfortable and happy. As time passes by, they realised Murphy has become a part of their life and they decided to adopt him instead, and yes, knowing he might turn blind one day. We are very touched by their kind gestures. We are all here for one mission, to help the homless animals and we are glad we found like minded people like this kind couple. Thank you Jess and Brook!

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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29 DECEMBER 2020

Never too late to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!! 🎄 Here is Murphy, having a Christmas party together with his dad @brook.w.wright, mum @jessylwright and their friends. We are so glad to see him smiling and enjoying the party too! Thank you Brook and Jessica for looking beyond Murphy's partial blindness and giving him a furever home!

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