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Mummy Caramel & Puppies

31 OCTOBER 2020

Posted @withregram • @purelywoof Some chocolates 🍫 to brighten up your weekend? Meet Mummy Caramel & her puppies Mars, Mocha and Hershey. 🤪

Months ago we were informed of a young family residing alongside a high traffic area by our stray feeders. These kiddos were risking their lives just to scavenge food for a meal to live by every single day. By day in the forest and night in the drains, they knew nothing of human love, only desperate to keep their tummies full for survival.

Whoever that has been following our posts would have noticed that we have been overwhelmed recently by the influx of rescues. As rescue work never stops, we decided to take in this young family yesterday & also give mummy dog a chance to find her forever home!

Sterilised & Vaccinated, this trio of 4 months old puppies & Mummy are now safely with our fosterers to be cared for.

Stay tuned as we update their rehabilitation / rehoming progress in the days to come. For interest on adoption, please contact Purelywoof @ 90709585 for more details.

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Posted @withregram • @purelywoof CARAMEL IS LOST!

Upon sighting, please call Purely Adoptions at 90018848 and follow from a distance. Do not chase as she is skittish! If you can, please take a picture of her. Please share this post, thank you!

11 DECEMBER 2020

Posted @withregram • @purelywoof Caramel is still missing! She has been spotted on Tuesday night (8 December) at the field near Yishun Community Hospital, please do help keep a look out for her!! If spotted, pls contact 90018848. Thank you and please share this post as well!

12 DECEMBER 2020

We are glad to announce Mars (renamed as Moana) has been adopted 😊. As below is from Adopter Xanthe:

“As our little bub turned 3, we wanted a companion for her to grow up with. But we also know that bringing a new member into the family is a lifelong commitment. We decided to foster first to see if were cut out for it, and within a week of meeting Moana, bub and her decided they were each other's family. We could have opted to buy a dog, but there are so many singapore specials that need a home, and a home is what we have.

When bub said that Moana couldnt go to anyone else's home because Moana was her family, we decided to adopt her and it is an amazing experience seeing them love each other.

Adopt. Don't shop.”

20 DECEMBER 2020

"We love dogs and have grown up with them all our lives. When we got married, we wanted very much to include one into our home but didn’t feel ready to commit for various reasons. After a good two years of longing for a pup and waiting to see if said reasons change, we decided we were ready and made the necessary adjustments to bring in a pup.

Adopting was an easy decision to make. It might’ve been easier to go to a store and pick up a pedigree puppy but our hearts were with the street dogs - the appropriately named, Singapore Specials. You see, these street dogs lived in the wild but we robbed them of that through urbanisation and chased them into living their lives in hiding and fear. They didn’t need us before when they thrived in the open forest but since we’ve taken away their natural habitat simply because it’s an inconvenience to society and its aesthetic, perhaps the least we could do for them is give them a home filled with the love and security that all creatures long for.

We’ve always had pedigrees growing up. In our experience, our pedigrees loved us from the moment they set paws on us which made it relatively easy to train and settle them into the household. Acacia was different. And perhaps many Singapore Special adopters would agree that is not the same training a pedigree and a street dog. Maybe it’s not in every case but in general, it seems that dogs that grow up on the streets have certain tendencies which take time and patience to overcome.

For example, the day we received Acacia, she was fearful of us. She didn’t love us right away. She was cautious yet her eyes expressed the longing to belong and feel safe. With melted hearts, we thanked her for coming to us and promised her we would protect her always and never let any harm befall her. It took a few days for her to start seeing us as part of her pack and know that she will have safety and comfort with us. Watching her begin to open her heart to us; to trust and love us; has been the sweetest experience

It is one thing to choose a living creature to love. Something else completely to have them choose to trust you. It is incredibly humbling.

It is truly our blessing, that Acacia has come into our lives; that these wild dogs allow for us to eventually love and care for them in spite of us taking their habitat away from them to begin with. We're grateful to the selfless volunteers at Purely Adoptions for their continued support and for facilitating the adoption which has allowed us the opportunity to have such a quirky bundle of joy brighten up our home." - Gabriel & Jean

30 DECEMBER 2020

Posted @withregram • @purelywoof "It never hurts to keep finding sunshine."

Our sunshine, Caramel, is finally home after her 22 days adventure. This tenacious girl, albeit being spooked, found her way from the East to the North, in just three days.

Although she was out and about, her feeders and us worked closely to ensure that she is well fed and hydrated. After boxing day, we spotted her limping on pavements and desperately looking for food. We were worried about her condition and fearing that we might scare her, hence patiently followed her and waited until she returns back to her resting spot while her feeder prepared her fav chicken. As food was placed at her feeding spot, we accompanied her from afar as she ate. After her meal, she spotted us sitting afar and started to limp towards us. We saw her desperate eyes seeking for help and wanting to come home. Although excited, we kept calm and spoke to her gently while volunteers helped to secure her.

Caramel is finally home and settled back at her favourite spot! We are so relieved to have her back and happy to see her sleeping soundly without having to worry about other outdoor factors.

Caramel's homecoming would never be possible without Purely Adoption's support and assistance. We are thankful that many passionate volunteers rendered their immediate help to search for her once they were notified that Caramel was spooked off. We like to specially thank Melissa, Irene, Iris, Adeline, and Jimmy for being a phone call away and providing us round-the-clock support both physically and emotionally. Special thanks goes out to Teng, Merlin and Jamie for helping to secure her on her homecoming night. We are grateful to Sharon and the ACs for helping calm Caramel down and accompanying her on lonely nights. Caramel is blessed to have her feeders Pris and Goh, looking after her. No words can describe our appreciation for them both tirelessly feeding her since she got spooked. It has been a few tough weeks but we are glad to have friends and family to keep us going!

Finally, thanks to the voice in both our hearts, we perservered. To the both of us, cheers for never giving up on family ❤️ :- Pawrents JS n JK

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