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Mel and Cupid

Mama Mel and Cupid were first spotted at Jln Bahar camp in May 2015. They were roaming the streets and Mama Mel looked very tired. Our 2 hero rescuers Wilfred Ng and Josephine Ng decided to rescue these stray dogs. They waited patiently all night to trap them and their hard work paid off. They managed to get Mel and it was well worth the hard work too for Mel is so obedient and calm in nature. Cupid, possibly the sweetheart of Mel, was reunited with her a day later.

Purely Adoptions took over the care of Mel and to our surprise, Mama Mel was heavily pregnant. She was pregnant with 7 darlings and we were ecstatic and overjoyed to be told of this news. Dr Tricia also said that Mel was about to give birth in 7-10 days and it has become urgent to find a fosterer for her.


Thankfully, our dear fosterer Jenn responded to our calling. We moved Mel and Cupid to fosterer Jenn Yap’s place. As Mama Mel is very heavily pregnant, she gets tired very easily. Jenn carefully prepared Mel’s chamber, putting together cushions and towels for her to rest properly in.

Of course, the humble but comfy abode would not be possible without Audrey for sponsoring the towels, milk powder and kibbles and Christine for gifting the towels and blankets. Thank you Audrey!

We would also like to thank Wilfred, auntie Shirley and her hubby for innovating this dog gate for Mel. This is to separate Cupid from Mel so that Cupid will not disturb Mel when she is in labour.

Jenn and Josephine also gave Mel a new haircut, shaving her in preparation for her puppies.


15 May 2015: Mel has given birth! She has given birth to 6 females and 1 male pups at "Jenn Eagle Hospital" by mid-wife Jenn Yap.

These are the adorable pups when they were born.

After Mama Mel has given birth, gifts starting pouring in to support her. Thank you to Anonymous for the goat milk and towels; Sumathi for the puppy milk and white bone; Silversky for sponsoring 2 packs of 13.6 kg of Wellness Core Grain Free Kibbles and Pets Dream World Singapore for the Seaweed Calcium with Vit C and Vit D, Calcium & Probiotics.


17 May 2015, 4.30 am: Zachary passed away.

Zachary is the frailest of the 7 puppies. On Saturday morning, he developed some breathing difficulties and was foaming in his mouth. Jenn quickly rushed him to Animal Companion and the vet prescribed him some glucose. He became better.

11.30 pm: Zachary legs were stiff and his breathing stopped. He was quickly given CPR and he was recovered. He gasped for air and was immediately rushed down to Animal Companion.

Dr Claire declared that Zachary had aspiration pneumonia, a common condition of new born puppies. The vet performed a SPO2 on him. The SPO2 usual rate shld be 95 and above. Zachary had only 85.

With a heavy heart, we declared that has Zachary passed on. His mother, mama Mel was by his side. She was sad and felt the loss of her only son.

Please say a silent prayer for Zachary; pray that he may run free over the rainbow bridge and not come back as a stray.


The 6 little pups soon grew into fine little cuties. We knew it is time to find adopters for them. While the time with their Mummy and Daddy is short, we were excited for them as adopters took them in one by one.


Many adopters came enquiring about the 6 little pups and soon, they all found their lovely home.

After all the puppies have been adopted, we decided to place Mel up for adoptions.

Thank you Kimberly and Kevin for offering her warm home to Mel, whom they renamed Sadie, which is Princess in Hebrew. It is heart-warming to see how gentle Sadie is towards Owen, Kimberly’s baby.

Cupid was adopted by Mdm Teo and family and now has a wide compound to roam and play. Cupid has lived a difficult life on the streets, foraging for bits and food to sustain himself. He well understands the trauma, uncertainty and perils of living in a world abandoned, with no good owner and home. We are very glad that Mdm Teo and family decided to adopt Cupid and we are certain that he will be showered with love and kindness, while being able to roam and play in the big compound.

While Mel and Cupid could not be adopted together, they both found a good and loving home in which they can now stay in securely without the need to worry for food and safety. We sincerely thank both our sponsors, fosterer Jenn and our adopters, Kimberly and Kevin and Mdm Teo and her family.

We are Purely for Adoptions and signing off with another dog off the street and into a warm family.


Oct 2017

It has been almost 2 years since Mummy Mel was adopted. We are so happy to see Mummy Mel doing so well and she has certainly put on lots of weight! Thank you Kimberly for giving this angel her home and for her updates. She looks more and more like Golden Retriever than Mongrel.

Aug 2016

Purely Adoptions is so proud of Sadie. She has successfully completed her Project Adore training. This picture has affirmed the hard work, efforts and time of Kimberly and her family with the adoption of this beautiful family pet. It has depicted the ultimate goal we are working towards as we started on our Journey, which is to rehome every strays into a family where they will receive love and care from.

13 Oct 2019

Glad to see how a child grow with our adopted dog. Kim adopted Mummy Mel (renamed as Sadie) 4 years ago when Koen was just 1 year old. From the first day at Kim's place, Sadie has been very gentle towards Koen, just like a mummy towards her own child. 4 years later, the bond between Sadie and Koen became stronger. Dependent and trusting on each other. Sadie and Koen, may your friendship last forever 🙂

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