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1 JANUARY 2020

Marvel was enjoying her first day (1 Jan) of 2020 with fosterer's helper when we received a message from potential adopter that she like to proceed with trial homestay with Marvel 😄. A brand new year with a good start!! All the best Marvel!!

2 JANUARY 2020

First trial homestay of 2020-Marvel. Potential adopter is so excited and she got everything prepared before we send her over. All the best Marvel!

3 JANUARY 2020

Marvel is Lost

While walking the dog, Marvel collar snapped and ran away. She ran away towards AMK Ave 3 towards CTE. She may be around Serangoon Gardens area.

She is not wearing a collar or leash. She can be identified by the scar on her forehead.

Please help us to look out for her. Should you see her please call Purely Adoptions 90018848.

Please share this post. We are determine to get her home. Thank you

We need everyone's help. Pls help to share this post. If you have any leads on Marvel, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyAdoptions) ASAP. Pls don't chase the dog. Thank you.

4 JANUARY 2020

We need everyone's help. Pls help to share this post. If you have any leads on Marvel, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyAdoptions) ASAP. Pls don't chase the dog. Thank you.

6 JANUARY 2020

The team is still looking for Marvel, rain or shine, day and night. So far we have not receive any sightings from the public and its worrying. We will continue to distribute flyers and paste posters. Marvel was lost at Blk 562, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 on 3 Jan 2020. If you spot her, pls contact 90018848 asap and pls do not chase her. Pls help to share the post. Thank you.

"Dear Lord Father, we come in your presence to plead for your help to locate Marvel. We commit her safety and hunger to you. The bible tells us not to worry for tmr, for even the birds and sparrows, u will feed and nourish them. We pray and consult you Almighty God to help us on this mission and take care of each and every member of the Marvel search team as they search for Marvel. We ask for journey mercy, good weather, visibility and wisdom to find Marvel. Please lead the team to her Oh Lord. We cry out to you for help and give u praise for all that u will do. We trust you to be with us. In Jesus' mighty name we pray, Amen."

9 JANUARY 2020

While the team was out searching for Marvel, our rescued dog, they chanced upon a family of kittens with their mama scavenging for food in the neighborhood industrial park. Did I mention industrial park is not the most friendliest place for animals? This batch need to be in foster care soon before they become another statistics. Can you help us to help them while we work out on the TNRM in that particular area? Please DM @purelymeowdayne or contact PurelyMeow at 90465538. Thank you.

20 JANUARY 2020

You are not going to believe what happened this afternoon. We were at Ang Mo Kio "The Fortune of Pets" Adoption Drive organised by Bark A Tree while some of our volunteers were doing their rounds at the suspected area where Marvel could be. As usual, these devoted furbabies angels are determined to find Marvel and they has been on patrol at the suspected area, day and late night for the past 2 weeks. Some even stayed till 3-4am in the morning. We have not received any phone calls ever since we lost her except for 1-2 false alarm. We continue to try all ways to find her whereabout such as consulting Animal Communicators. Our volunteers Yung Ying and Tzyy Huey even called all the Veterinary Clinics in Singapore to check if anyone send a smilar dog in for medical treatment.

At about 3.30pm, a message came in from our volunteer that a dog which looks like Marvel was spotted at Ang Mo Kio. We quickly send some volunteers to check out and true enough, its MARVEL!! We tried to approach her and she started moving away. Lucky there was a group of construction workers nearby who saw us trying to get Marvel and decided to help us. And YES, WE GOT HER!!

Once again, this mission will not be successful without our devoted volunteers - Adeline, Jeannie, Charlotte, Kelvin, Gladys, Benson, Yung Ying and Tzyy Huey who went down today. We also like to thank those in our Marvel Search Team group chat (which has a long list of name) who help to check out few areas that Marvel could have been, pasted posters and gave flyers to passerby. Last but not least, the construction workers who helped us to trap Marvel.

It's a wonderful day and we are glad we can really enjoy our Lunar New Year. By the way, while looking for Marvel, we have trapped 2 batches of kittens that we came across and has TNR a mummy cat under the kind sponsorship of CWS. Its a wonderful ending and definitely a fruitful and fulfilling one. Thank you everyone for sharing Marvel post. We have once again create a beautiful miracle.


An update on Marvel. She is doing well at fosterer's place and has put on some weight. A happy dog now with the company of the fosterer's dogs 🙂

7 MAY 2020

Remember at the beginning of this year, we had a hard time finding Marvel, the black dog with a scar on her forehead ( She is happily adopted by her fosterer. It has been a long journey for Marvel, from the day we bailed her and her siblings out from SPCA to bringing her to different adoption drives. We remembered the first time we brought her to i12Katong adoption drive, she was so timid and fearful. Her scarred forehead doesn't make her appealing as well. There wasn't much enquiries on her and she's the last one to be adopted. However Fosterer beg to differ. Marvel has great personality and she seems to have forgotten the pain of getting her scar. She is confident and knows she is valued equally as her fosterer's dogs. Marvel taught her fosterer to stay positive and let go of painful past, like the scar on her head. People might choose cute dog to adopt but we hope more people can look beyond the appearance and delve deeper to connect with the animal. When we have a pet, we are looking for soulmate and we believe there's a family for every dog. Its just a matter of time in finding one. We like to thank Purely Adoptions Search Team members in finding Marvel once again. Its a wonderful miracle which we can't forget.

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