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09 July 2019 3pm : Thanks toPurely Adoptions, Manja has a second chance in life!

I went over to AVS to fetch Manja today. He had been a stray for the last 6 years and was caught last week.

He is such a cool and calm boy! He came out of his carrier on his own. The moment he was out, he did a long pee. .. really really long ... 😅 then poo poo too 🤭

We did some bonding with roast chicken ... haha ...

Then is bath time! He took it very well, I dun even have to leash him 👍😄

After bath, I 'dress' him up with collar and tag, handsome boy! 😄

Then a hearty roast chicken meal, he gobbled everything down ... WooHoo ...

He should be ready for rehoming very soon! ❤❤❤

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