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20 APRIL 2019

Purely Adoptions had a successful rescue mission this morning. On Tues 16 Apr 2019 we been alerted that Latte had a severe ear infection, half of his face was black and blood was seen dripping down his face.

We were concern and immediately set up a rescue plan. On Good Friday, we arranged to go and catch Latte, together with dog catcher. Latte was very elusive and he did not come out to eat the food we prepared for him. We left the place, felt disheartened and disappointed.

In our hearts we knew that we got to do something or Latte wound would get worse and maggots will eat away his face and head. Immediately, we assembled a rescue team. We prepared delicious food of sautéed pig liver, luncheon meat, eggs and chicken tight. We brought up a carrier, ropes and leash.

We knew that it was tough , we knew that Latte was elusive and clever to escape from us. We persisted and was determine to trap Latte as that was the only solution to treat his rotting face. This morning at 11am we started our Mission. It was drizzling but this did not deter us from our focus. Wearing blue poncho we continued our search for him.

After feeding him at 130pm, he walked away and we followed him. But he was fast and quick and we could not follow up. We searched around for him, we walked uphill downhill, calling out to him. Silence and only birds chirping greeted us. Time was running short

We need to secure Latte. At 330pm we sent out rescue task force to look for Latte again. This time, Jeannie and Adeline found him resting inside a fallen shed. Also Irene, Sharon n Jynist joined us to keep watch. We keep very quiet and observe him at a distance. Latte was pacing around and with the slightest sound he will come out to investigate.

Finally, when he was sleeping soundly in the shed we sprung into action. We swiftly blocked the entrance/exit with iron rod fence. Latte was trapped inside. The surrounding was not the most pleasant environment. Commando mosquitoes and red ants were attacking us. The mud and stagnant water was annoying and caused us nausea. We had to continue, we had to rescue Latte and treat his wound.

As we were feeling desperate, more reinforcement came. Ryan and Erical came to help. Ryan took the initiative to climb into the shed and try to secure Latte. We sealed off all exit points so that he cannot escape. It was a struggle. Ryan spoke to Latte and informed him that we were there to help him. We wanted him to be treated for his wound or he would die from the maggot infection.

More help came with Alvin the dog trapper arrived. With a lasso and net, Alvin also entered the fallen shed. With some swift manoeuvre Ryan and Alvin has Latte in the net. We pulled Latte out with happiness. After which we transferred him into a carrier. We were relieved and rejoiced with joy as soon as Latte was inside the carrier. Next we had to carry him downhill.

At the vet, the stench of rotting flesh was unbearable and terrible. But we know that he was on the road to recovery. We know that now we can treat his wound.

We like to thank Purely Adoptions volunteers. They are : Adeline, Alvin, Erical, Irene, Jeannie, Jynist, Rickson, Ryan, Sharon. This is good teamwork, this is working with a common heart, to help an injured dog. This is Latte story.

.... to be continued with his recovery story

8 MAY 2019

Latte is getting better and better each day. His wound is definitely healing fast and we are happy to see his progress (all thanks to the doners who donated to his medical fee). He is also getting used to human presence and touches. Latte was rescued from the forest after stray feeders noticed a huge maggots wound on his ear and informed us. We sent Latte for medical check and found he is heartworm positive. We have since started his Heartworm Treatment while treating his wound. At the same time, we are trying our best to let him get used to human touch and walk him on leash. Latte is a fast learner and we hope he can find his forever home soon. We are currently looking for fosterer/adopter for him. If you like to give him a chance, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof). Pls share the post. Thank you.

21 MAY 2019

Latte, the maggot wound dog which we rescued from the forest, is learning fast to be like a domesticated dog. His wound has healed completely and he is walking well on leash. We are surprised by his progress, considering he has lived in the forest for his whole life. We are still looking for fosterer / adopter for him at the moment. If you can help, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof). Pls share the post. Thank you.

25 MAY 2019

Latte really like to be a domesticated dog (He was born in the forest and never get to see any human apart from stray feeders) He enjoys going for outing with his new furfriends and learning to walk well when leashed. We love the smile on his face. There is a tremendous improvement from the time we rescued him from the forest till now. According to the stray feeders, Latte will always hide at one corner when stray feeders were distributing the food. He is a very timid dog and will run away when approached. There is no way stray feeders get to touch him. However his life changed when stray feeders spotted his maggots wound and alerted us. We trapped and healed him. He's wound has healed completely but he is down with heartworm. We are still treating him for heartworm (which can take up to 6mth or more) until he is well for his 1st vaccination. Latte is still looking for fosterer/adopter, if you like to give him a chance, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof). If you like to contribute to his medical bill, You can donate to us via the following ways:

1. UOB Current A/C: 631-302-019-0

2. Using PayNow, the UEN is : 201431426WPA8

3. Write a cheque to "Purely Adoptions Limited" and post to : PO Box 236, Thomson Rd Post Office S915708.

Thank you for helping. Let's hope he can find a home soon.

29 MAY 2019

Latte has a new playmate at fosterer's place and she is one of Snow White's babies - Bashful. Loves to see Latte sleeping in a room with friendly Bashful. One more step towards becoming a home dog 🙂 Latte was rescued from the forest when he was found with maggots wound. He has since recovered and we are looking for a home for him. If you like to adopt him, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof). Pls share the post.

20 JUNE 2019

Latte is enjoying his stay at foster mummy Jayanthi's place and foster sister Bash @jayanthip is making sure Latte eat more and grow fat at her house 🙂 Latte, 2yr male is still looking for a home. He grew up in the forest and was rescued because of his maggots wound. Latte is able to walk well and loves to be with human. If you like to adopt him, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof). Pls share the post so he can find his forever home soon. Thank you.

25 JUNE 2019

We need a fosterer for Latte. Current fosterer is heart broken as she has taken good care of Latte, bringing him out for walk regularly, letting him sleep in the bedroom and fattening him. However, she has to return Latte to us because her neighbour complained about Latte. We feel sad. Latte is definitely very happy at current fosterer's place however we have no choice but to remove him. Latte is a good boy who loves the company of other dogs. If you can foster him, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof). Pls share the post as we need to remove him asap. Thank you.

1 JULY 2019

We are still looking for fosterer for Latte (the cream dog). Latte came from the same forest as the 4 puppies rescued yesterday. He could be the father of the puppies. We are guessing as one puppy looks like him. We hope to find a fosterer for him asap as time is running out. Without fosterers on hand, we are unable to save more dogs as we dont have a shelter and each dog at the commercial boarding cost us $500/mth for each dog and our fund is running low. If you can help, pls contact 90018848 (whatapp). Pls share the post. Thank you.

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Latte “playing” with us for the first time. Our Bash has been a good teacher. Also, look at that trot.

12 JULY 2019

Latte is still looking for adopter and fosterer. A good natured dog which we rescued from the forest. Loves to be with other dogs. To adopt/foster him, pls contact PurelyWoof 90709585.

14 JULY 2019

How's your weekend? It's a lovely day for our happy Latte 🙂 Latte is up for adoption to adopt, pls contact PurelyWoof at 90709585. Pls share the post thank you.

4 AUGUST 2019

Latte will be having his last immiticide injection tomorrow and after that, we will wait 6mth later to do a Heartworm Blood Test to confirm he is cleared of Heartworm (the trratment he's currently having has about 90% success rate). Latte was rescued from the forest with maggots wound. So far, he is doing well at fosterer's place, enjoying his daily walk and his fosterer sister Bash's company @jayanthip . We are still looking for his forever home. He has a big build and not suitable for HDB. A gentle creamy giant who loves to be with human. If you like to give him a second chance, pls contact PurelyWoof 90709585. He makes a great pet.

Recently we have few cases of dogs down with heartworm. If you like to contribute to our rescued animals medical fee, you can donate to us via the following ways:

1. UOB Current A/C: 631-302-019-0

2. Using PayNow, the UEN is : 201431426WPA8

3. Write a cheque to "Purely Adoptions Limited" and post to : PO Box 236, Thomson Rd Post Office S915708.

Thank you for your kind donations. **PS: The pictures here on Latte are before going to the vet for treatment (smiling) and after the treatment (moody)

13 AUGUST 2019

Poor Latte is down with severe bacterial infection on his skin and ear. Poor boy. It hurt us to see him covered with inflammation. When we first rescued Latte from the forest, he was found with huge maggots wound. After treating his maggots wound, we found he is heartworm positive and currently under treatment. While we thought we should be able to find him a home soon) as he is getting used to human and being at home), we were told he has some bacterial infection. Poor Latte, be strong. You came a long way and we will make sure we find a good family for you. Get well soon.

16 AUGUST 2019

Thank you for donating toward Latte medical bills. Total collected $1,470

1. Chin Lee Yan $500

2. Teo HL $500

3. Goh Yingsi $120

4. Serene Tan $30

5. Lam Siow Qi $150

6. chan Yen Ling $30

7. Rohayah Binte Mohd $20

8. Gabrielle Lee $50

9. Yvonne Leong $50

10. Yixiang $20

We have transferred Latte to Mt Pleasant Gelenggang. He is not improving and pus still form on his thigh and ears. He has also lost 4kg over the past few days. Its worrying and 2 different Vet mentioned its uncommon to see dog covered with hotspot like Latte. The Vet will be conducting few tests to rule out the possible reason for the inflammation.

Pls keep Latte in your Prayers. He don't deserve to suffer this painful ordeal 😭

Instagram update:

Thank you to everyone outpouring concern for Latte. Dr Erica called to inform that Latte is better than yesterday. She and her team managed to give him medicated shower and antibiotics. There were less pus on his legs than yesterday and Latte's appetite is alot better than when he was first admitted. The current plan is to give medicated shower every 2 days and monitor if there's any sign of improvement. Vet has also started on antihistamine as he starts to show sign of itchness. It is not possible to place an IV at the moment as there might be possiblity of catheter infection (his skin is quite bad). For the time being, his antibiotics will be given via feeding tube. We did an Complete Blood Count (CBC) and are relieved to know his Kidney and Liver values are normal. It seem there's a good chance for him recover.

We met many kind souls during our visit at the clinic. Some are strangers who read about Latte and decided to drop by to visit him. Some came down to pray for Latte. We also received supplements, milk kefir, @DanielBoey's newly launched books given by @Silverskypetcare to raise fund, PM on suggestion on Hotspot solutions, skin infection solutions and suggestions of other Vets that might help Latte. We received monetary donations from the following total $1,120:

1. Chin Lee Yen - $500

2. Teo HL - $500

3. Goh Yingsi - $120

to help out with the medical cost. Thank you once again to those who came forward to help.

Fosterer Jayanthi dropped by as well and brought along Latte's favourite food. She has been taking great care of Latte for the past 3 month. Nothing happened until recently 1 week ago, things start to change. We do not have the main reason for his conditions yet but we know, he is fighting to be well. We were there when Fosterer Jayanthi came and Latte's eyes immediately lit up. Dogs don't lie. He inched towards Jayanthi despite his painful sores and lifted up his head. He can't wait to be at his foster home again with his foster sister Bashful.

We will hospitalise Latte at the hospital for few days as there 24 hours care. We will keep everyone posted on his progress.

18 AUGUST 2019

We went to visit Latte after our adoption drive at Oasis Vet today. Met Jayanthi, Latte's fosterer there. Spoke to the Vet on duty and understood there's 2 plan at the moment. The first is Skin Biopsy under Local and the second is ultrasound on the Liver. They did a culture on the bacteria and found the bacteria affecting Latte is very resistant. They have started on antibiotic to control it. It is still unsure if Latte's condition is drug reaction or is it consequence of the reaction. We are thinking Latte's life shouldn't be in danger as his liver and kidney are at normal values. The Vet mentioned its hard to say as his white blood cell count is quite high, at the range of 43000plus. He don't have much appetite at the moment and has lost some more weight. The Vet will also consult a dermatology to find out more on his conditions.

Latte look at us as if he knows we are heart broken. Adeline broke down. We feel sad. After all, we brought him down from the forest when he was injured with huge maggot wound months ago and have seen how happy he is living in a house and sleeping on the bed instead of the grass. His thighs look less red and start to turn slight pink. His front legs still produce some pus. He is currently on fluid food via the feeding tube. We will wait for more updates from the Vet in charge.

Latte, don't give up. Just endure few more days at the hospital. Once you are better, we will bring you home. We promise.

20 AUGUST 2019

Dr Erica contacted us to say the operation went smoothly. Latte has recovered and woke up. They took a total of 4 biopsies and will start him on immunosuppressive dose of steroids today. We will wait for the results.

@ 10.40am

Dr Erica called to inform Latte's nose was bleeding. They did another blood test and ruled out low platelets and high blood pressure as possible cause of nose bleed. The neutrophil count is low again which could be due to overwhelming infection or bone marrow suppression. The possible reason for his nose bleed could be due to heartworm. We inform the vet to go ahead with the skin biopsy as its necessary to find out what's happening to him. Latte will be under GA for the skin biopsy. The low neutrophil count might increase the risk of life-threatening infection but Latte is already covered with antibiotics. We trust Latte is in good hands and will keep everyone updated after his procedure.

The hospital has given us an estimated cost of the medical fee. If its without complication, it will be about $4000-$4500.

At the moment, we have collected $12,275 from the following for Latte's treatment.

1. Chin Lee Yen $500

2. Teo Henling $500

3. Goh Yingsi $120

4. Serene Tan $30

5. Lam Siow Qi $150

6. chan Yen Ling $30

7. Rohayah Binte Mohd $20

8. Gabrielle Lee $50

9. Yvonne Leong $50

10. Yixiang $20

11. Lin Yun $20

12. Jen Lee $100

12. Doreen Lim $100

12. Tan Yung Ying $100

13. Lo Tzyy Huey $50

14. Lee Lai Yeng $10

15. Tan Yong Xiang $50

16. Diana See $300

17. Sim Theng Theng $200

18. Aaron Tan Sanzi $50

19. Karyn Rose Tan $45

20. James William Butler $100

21. Tam Wei Yen $100

22. Heng Soo Chin $50

23. Lee Bin Bin $20

24. Cheah Ee Im $100

25. Neo Cher Yan $100

26. John Michael Kenwort $200

27. Prevenya d/o Selvadu $40

28. Melissa Chua $200

29. Melissa Tan $50

30. Seema Devi d/o Vejai $30

31. Sharon Tang $100

32. Nur Suriyani Binte A $50

33. Chua Hui Qing $50

34. Ng Teck Huat $10

35. Kang Liedong $50

36. Daphne Quek $100

37. Kan Cheong Thoe $50

38. Sharily Lim $300

39. Alvin Tan $50

40. Seah Choon May $50

41. Serene Tan $50

42. Andy Sim $500

43. Gladys Ng $50

44. Annie Ho $50

45. Melody $20

46. Leonard Ng $200

47. Christie Prajitino $30

48. Tan Jun Hao $50

49. Anita Neo $50

50. Wendy Chiam $80

51. Sharon Khaw $20

52. Yow Soh Zeom $100

53. Wendy Wong $100

54. Woofus $200

55. Lee Kia Hui $100

56. In Memory of Jam $300

57. Allynna Chuah $200

58. Leung Wai Yee $100

59. Tan Wan Chin $50

60. Peh ZhenZhu $30

61. Peggy Tham $20

62. Carolin Tan $50

63. Cheong Chye Yoke $100

64. Choy Yin Toh $300

65. Wong Lee Leng $100

66. Chen Jiawen (Miumiu) $20

67. Myra Karina Wibowo $100

68. Giselle Yeo $20

69. Jennifer Foo $50

70. Siti Aishah Binte Ah $20

71. Jefrey Ong $50

72. Tan En Wei $20

73. Ng Mong Peng $100

74. Carmen Wang $10

75. Hoong Cheah Peng $100

76. Khung Khoon Hak $30

77. Janice Sim $30

78. Sinead Lee $50

79. Audrey Woodworth $50

80. Zeo Teo $30

81. Lee Jie Min $30.80

82. Reddy Alla Nishita $100

83. Khloe Chua $30

84. Clara Chia $50

85. Ng Seow Mui $50

86. Wilfred Tan $200

87. Ho Mei Poh $30

88. Lifa Law $5

89. JenniferGoh $50

90 Audrey Koh $50

91. Tan Wee Ling $300

92. Angela Tan $50

93. Marilyn $50

94. Candy Lim $100

95. Grace Lim $10

96. Mak Kar Heng $200

96. Tan Kae Ling $30

97. Chan Kar Kay $50

98. Angela Choy $100

99. Loh Woan Chin $50

100. Tam Wai Fan $50

101. Amutha d/o Sandramoh $100

102. Gerine Cheng $50

103. Sylvia $30

104. Ai Ling $200

105. Jassy Juin Teng $150

106. Ezekiel Ong $50

107. Schulte Westhof Phil $1000

108. Jennifer $150

109. Tuan Lan Yen $50

110. Andrea Goh $10

111. Mak Hoong Fatt $200

112. Chiang Tuck Meng $100

113. Grace Poh $100

114. Lin Jun $30

115. Karen Tan $50

116. Tan Peck Lan $50

117. Nancy Kuniawan $300

118. Seah Geok Lian $50

119. Kuah Sok Wan $200

If you like to contribute to his medical treatment, you can donate to us via the following ways:

1. UOB Current A/C: 631-302-019-0

2. Using PayNow, the UEN is : 201431426WPA8

3. Write a cheque to "Purely Adoptions Limited" and post to : PO Box 236, Thomson Rd Post Office S915708.

Thank you for your kind thoughts for Latte. Let's hope he get well soon.

22 AUGUST 2019

Latte is eating! Finally after so many days of tube feeding. Our volunteer Jeannie brought his favourite food - beef cubes when she visited him today after work. He ate 2 big slice of beef and drank half a bowl of water. The Vet on duty mentioned his skin looks better and not so raw. There are also less pus on his legs and his antibiotics are being administered via IV.

We are relieved. Our heart is aching when we see his poor body but we are really glad he starts to eat.

Thank you everyone who came forward to donate to his medical fee and purchase the mooncakes. Thank you for loving him as much as we do. We will monitor him for the next few days and keep everyone posted.

23 AUGUST 2019

Latte is getting better each day. His skin look less red and less raw. There are not much pus on his legs as before. Apart from that, he is no longer lying down but standing up when he see us.

Our volunteers have been visiting him at the hospital and bringing him home cooked food. He finished all his food, looking contented and happy. He still look very skinny but we are sure we will fatten him up soon.

Step by step Latte. You are doing well.

Thank you everyone for chipping in to help in his medical bill. We will keep everyone posted on his progress. Let's hope for his speedy recovery.

25 AUGUST 2019

We visited Latte on both Sat and Sun. He is eating well, he ate the salmon cubes and beef pieces, and eggs Appetite is good but he is not gaining weight.

The vet reported that they are giving Latte 150% of daily intake. The skin is less crusty and now forming new skin. Latte has a shower today and he is feeling fresh. He stood up and he is really skinny.

The lab report confirmed that it’s an infectious bacteria that is on the skin. The lab report been sent to dermatologist and we are pending for reply. Latte is on steroids to control the infection.

Thank you everyone for your concern with Latte conditions. We talk to Latte and encourage him to recover fast. It’s good to see slow improvement everyday.

加油Latte !!

26 AUGUST 2019

Today's supper for Latte is Salmon and Eggs. Dr Erica called today to inform he is still not putting on weight despite the hospital feeding him more than his daily required intake. The weight loss could be due to the extensive skin lesions that require a lot of calories to heal.

However the good news is Latte has been eating well and has good appetite. He probably know all of us are looking forward to his recovery and he needs to eat in order to get well (look at how fast he eat even though he had his dinner earlier on). On closer look, his skin has definitely improved significantly since day 1 of admission. We are relieved.

We will continue to keep everyone posted on his progress.

27 AUGUST 2019

Latte's skin is turning pink!! That's good news. We can still remember the day we admitted him to the hospital, he was dripping with pus with exposed raw skin. 12 days later, there's great improvement in his skin conditions and appetite. We can still see some crusting and discharge on his legs but we believe it will heal over the next few days.

Latte was pampered with home cook food by fosterer Jayanthi and volunteer Adeline today. Satisfied and as usual, finished all his food despite having had his lunch earlier on.

Keep it up good boy, we can't wait to fatten you up!

2 September 2019

Latest updates on Latte - 2 Sept 2019.... Latte is being managed for a drug reaction with steroids and antibiotics for a cultured bacterial infection at the moment.The PAS stain of his skin biopsy was negative but his fungal culture is still pending. With his severe reaction, he might need more time to respond to management.

Latte has been on steroids for 2 weeks but the dermatological specialist mentioned that 2 weeks is short for a condition like Latte's. He is recommending regular skin sticky tape tests (in house) as with a skin barrier this compromised, any bacteria could cause an infection. Latte's bacterial infections now might already be different from when Vet first cultured him in the beginning because of the immunocompromised skin barrier, hence if the regular sticky tape tests show that there is increasing amounts of bacteria it will mean that the current antibiotics are not killing the bacteria

The dermatological specialist also recommended a second immunosuppressive medication (first one being the steroids that he is already on), so that the Vet can lower the dose of the steroids as long term high dose can cause a lot of side effects e.g. eating more, drinking more, lethargy, panting, liver problems, stomach ulcers

Latte still has hearty appetite but he is not putting much weigh at the moment. We will wait for the Vet for more updates on him. Don't give up Latte! We are all waiting for you to recover.


Its heart warming to know that the public cares for Latte. Gladys Ng is one of them. She got to know about Latte through our posts and has been visting him at the hospital regularly. Today she sent us the latest video of him, excited that Latte recognised her for the first time after her few visits. As usual, she prepared sumptuous home cooked food and Latte finished all at one go. Accordingly to her, Latte's skin has improved and he look more energetic. Sweet Latte also didn't want to sit until she leave, probably thanking her for bringing him good food 🙂 Dogs are so appreciative and we can't help loving them..


Beautiful News for this lovely Sunday...Latte has put on weight from the previous 17kg to 18.9kg. At the moment, he is not losing any weight and maintain at the range of 18.8-18.9kg. The redness on his body is the skin drying and healing over. His chest and front legs have more severe infections which will take longer time to heal. However overall, everything looks good for the time being.

Kudos to all the Docs and Nurses at Mt Pleasant Gelenggang for Latte's improvement and of course all the kind Doners who donated towards his medical fee for making this happen. We will continue to put Latte at the hospital until he is ready to be discharge.

Latte has been staying at the hospital for 2 weeks plus and we are not sure when can we discharge him. If you like to contribute towards his medical fee, you can donate to us via the following ways:

1. UOB Current A/C: 631-302-019-0

2. Using PayNow, the UEN is : 201431426WPA8

3. Write a cheque to "Purely Adoptions Limited" and post to : PO Box 236, Thomson Rd Post Office S915708.

Thank you for your kind support and help towards Latte.


We lost him to cardiac arrest early this morning. Vet try to resuscitate him 3 times but couldn't revive him. We are very very sad. All of us are pinning for his recovery and we can see improvement in his skin. He started to gain weight as well. We are still shocked by his passing. One of the possible reasons could be his heartworm conditions which could cause blood clot in his lung. Fosterer Jayanthi rushed down to the hospital. Vet in charge Dr Erica was in tears. All of us tried our best.

We have scheduled his cremation later today. Rest in Peace Latte. We will bring you back to the forest as requested by you via animal communicator 😭😭😭


It's early morning when we received the call. It’s a call from the hospital saying Latte has collapsed. We gave permission to resuscitate him. 5 mins later, they called back. He’s gone. We started the day in a bleak.

6 hours ago, we posted we had so much fun at Oktoberfest at the courtesy of Swiss Club. We talked about Latte, saying how much weight he had gained and things seem to be looking good. Yes, it supposed to be good. But we lost him. Dumbfounded. The whole team’s spirit collapsed with him as well. We went to see him at the hospital after receiving the call. Fosterer Jayanthi and mum went down as well and we quickly made preparation for the cremation.

Latte came a long way. We trapped him because he had a big maggots wound on his ear. After his wound healed, we found he has heartworm and we proceeded to treat him. He adapted well in home environment, from a stray who live his whole life in the forest to staying in a house. Thanks to Iris who took him over from the clinic and Fosterer Jayanthi who continuously bringing him for walks and enjoy normal home pet’s life. Apparently he was treated sumptuous steak at home as well. However everything started to change when we took him for his last Heartworm jab. He started to develop severe infections, causing him to have pus every few hours. We decided to admit him to the Hospital for further treatment. Dr Erica is the vet in charge who took over the case. We were given regular updates on Latte’s conditions. It was a roller coaster ride, from the moment he’s not eating much and losing weight to him having hearty appetite and maintaining weight. Our volunteer Jeannie engaged an Animal Communicator to talk to him. He mentioned he doesn’t know what’s happening to his body and he missed his forest home. He said he is happy with his choice and his heart took him home to where he can be free again. He also wants his ashes to be scattered in his forest home. He is grateful to Jeannie and how much he loves her (Jeannie is one of the stray feeders who have been feeding in the forest where Latte was rescued) He said everyone especially fosterer Jayanthi did their part beautifully and has shown him great love and integrity. Something is healed between humans and the wild.

On our way to his cremation, the radio was playing “ One Sweet Day”. It could easily passed off as his song dedication to us. At his cremation, everyone who was involved in his rescue attended. Ryan and Erical who went inside the dirty tent to trap Latte at the beginning, Forest Stray Feeders (Jeannie, Adeline, Irene and Karen), Lin Teo and Gwen who were touched by Latte's story, Iris, Jayanthi and Jayanthi’s mum who played a big part in socializing Latte, Gladys and partner who read about Latte and have been visiting him at the hospital. Everyone was grieving for him. Even Dr Erica broke down few times in the morning when she showed us his body. We have loved him and did our best but lost him eventually. Latte, do you know 1 year ago, your best friend in the forest Creamy passed on the same day, exactly 1 year ago – 12/09/2018? We found his bloated body when the stray feeders Adeline and Jeannie went up the forest to feed the dogs.

We like to thank all the donors and people who supported us by buying the mooncakes, “We adopted!” book and our merchandises. We will give updates on the donations received and Latte’s medical fees in the next post. Sorry about it. We need some time to grieve now. Today has been too draining for us. We are still trying to accept his sudden passing…

…”And I know you’re shining down on me from heaven, like so many friends we’ve lost along the way, And I know eventually we’ll be together, one sweet day…” Rest in Peace, our sweet boy Latte


“The reality is that you will grieve forever. You will not ‘get over’ the loss of a loved one; you will learn to live with it. You will heal and you will rebuild yourself around the loss you have suffered. You will be whole again but you will never be the same. Nor should you be the same nor would you want to.” – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

We went up to the forest today, together with his ashes as per his request. One year ago, we chanced upon elder Uncle Heng feeding the stray dogs in the forest. He fell down and we offered to help him feed the dogs while he recuperated at home. This is when we started our relationship with the stray dogs in “Uncle Heng’s Forest”. From the beginning, the forest dogs were afraid of us but as time passed, the forest dogs started to welcome us to the forest, always happy wagging their tails when they saw us with their food. Our volunteers – Adeline, Jeannie and Irene then turned into forest stray feeders. One day, they spotted a cream color 2 yr old adult dog which they named fondly “Latte” with big maggot wound. Worried that his wound would get worse, we launched a trapping mission to get him. We managed to bring him down the hill for treatment. All went well. Maggot wound healed and he got used to the home environment. After that the horrible nightmare came. He had severe infection on his body which he later succumbed to it.

We went back to the tree where we spotted him with the maggot wound months ago. Yes, this is the perfect place to scatter his ashes as it is his favourite spot, exclaimed by stray feeders Jeannie & Adeline. We laid him to rest. Latte’s passing has taken us aback, maybe we have high hopes in his recovery or maybe we have ‘talked’ to him via the animal communicator and can’t help feeling sad. We like to thank the public for coming forward to extend their help in terms of monetary donations, Furries Loft for organising charity mooncake sales to help with Latte’s medical fee, those who bought the mooncake, Silversky Pet Care for donating “We Adopted!” to help us raise fund, those who visited Latte at the hospital and last but not least, those who prayed for his recovery. We have received :

Receipt ($14,155):

1. Individual Donors - $12,275

2. Furries Loft Moon Cake sales - $1,880

Expenses ($8,098.80):

1. West Coast Vet Care - $1,082.39

2. Mt. Pleasant Gelangang - $6,456.41

3. Cremation: $560

Balance: $6,056.20 reserved for future rescue cases

We also like to thank Dr Erica Ang, Dr Keshia Beng and the Nurses at @Mt Pleasant Gelenggang for taking good care of Latte during his 28 days stay at the hospital. We know it’s not easy to take care of a severe skin infection dog and everyone at the hospital has gone the extra mile to ensure Latte is comfortable during his stay there. Thank you for your professionalism and dedication to your patient.

It has been 11 days since his passing. We know he is happiest today since he got sick. He is back to where he used to have fun and laughter. We have a closure. Till we meet again, Latte.

cWe received monetary donations from the following total $2,935:

Total Donations collected for Latte (skin issue): $2,935

Chin Lee Yen $500

Teo Henling $500

Goh Yingsi $120

Serene Tan $30

Lam Siow Qi $150

chan Yen Ling $30

Rohayah Binte Mohd $20

Gabrielle Lee $50

Yvonne Leong $50

Yixiang $20

Lin Yun $20

Tan Yung Ying $100

Lo Tzyy Huey $50

Lee Lai Yeng $10

Tan Yong Xiang $50

Diana See $300

Sim Theng Theng $200

Aaron Tan Sanzi $50

Karyn Rose Tan $45

James William Butler $100

Tam Wei Yen $100

Heng Soo Chin $50

Lee Bin Bin $20

Cheah Ee Im $100

Neo Cher Yan $100

John Michael Kenwort $200

to help out with the medical cost.For those who like to donate supplements to Latte, pls contact us at 90018848 (PurelyAdoptions)

For those who like to contribute to his medical treatment, you can donate to us via the following ways:

1. UOB Current A/C: 631-302-019-0

2. Using PayNow, the UEN is : 201431426WPA8

3. Write a cheque to "Purely Adoptions Limited" and post to : PO Box 236, Thomson Rd Post Office S915708.

Thank you for your generous heart and kindness towards the animals.

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