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Lao Lao (Nien Nien Ngo) & Gong Gong (Bui Bui)

There are always animal lovers out there, taking the extra step to save dogs from being abandoned. This is a story of Lao Lao and Gong Gong , now renamed Nien Nien and Bui Bui rescued by a very kind-hearted vet.

Lao Lao was found by Dr Kitty Huang of Mount Pleasant Vet Centre (Mandai) (Formerly known as AMK Vet) in 2014. This senior Shih Tzu was found tied to a lamp post nearby Dr Huang's clinic in a bad shape. A week later, Gong Gong was found at the exact location, just in a better condition. However, we speculated that they have been abandoned by the same owner.

Dr Huang contacted us and we took over the care of the two 7 year old Shih Tzu brothers.


Dr Huang treated Lao Lao's maggot wounds and nursed him back to health.


We knew it would be hard to rehome Lao Lao and Gong Gong given that they are senior dogs. While senior dogs are generally easier to care for and more appreciative, they are often not chosen by adopters due to the complications that their age might bring. However, we remained hopeful and started our task of finding a home for these two dogs.

7 Dec 2014: Lao Lao found a mummy! He captivated the heart of Edna, and Edna adopted him while fully aware of his age. I repeatedly emphasise the fact that Lao Lao is a senior dog and the future implications that a senior dog might bring. However, Angelic Edna insisted on adopting Lao Lao despite all that. He is now renamed Nien Nien Ngo and has been enjoying his life much more than ever.

19 Dec 2014: Gong Gong found a new home too! Gracious Chris and Elise adopted him, giving him a new permanent home. Gong Gong, now renamed Bui Bui, was showered with loads of care and love and was fed so well, he even gets salmon and strawberries for his meal! Apart from that, he gets to walk 3 times a day and an instagram was created for him (@ahbuitheshihtzu). What more can we hope for but for them to be in a better home like this after being abandoned at such an age.

We were really grateful to Edna and Chris and Elise for adopting the 2 senior dogs. On a side note, Edna and Chris and Elise forged a friendship because of Nian Nian and Bui Bui and often meet up to organise activities for the 2 brothers. I am sure they are both contented with their Guardian Angels now.


While it will be painful for the family when the senior dog pass on, all dogs will cross the rainbow bridge some day. If all dogs will eventually leave us, why don't we accept a senior dog into our family and enjoy their company in their old age? Not only will you save a life, you will be giving it a second chance while giving the senior dog the joy that they are not forgotten or forsaken. The dog's life would change forever and so could yours.

All of us can create a miracle to these lost souls by being a rescuer, fosterer, adopter or even the person sharing our FaceBook posts. Every effort counts in creating the magical results.

We are Purely for Adoptions and signing off with hopes that there will be more adopters willing to take in senior dogs.


Oct 2015

Nian Nian and Bui Bui also participated SOSD Light Up Your Life Walk together, with Bui Bui dressed as Captain America!

Of course, they were often brought out for picnics and walks too.

Nov 2015

Thank you Elise and Edna for taking the initiative to let the 2 brothers meet again. This time round, they are at their first swimming session, swimming in their own different styles.

Oct 2016

Nien Nien enjoying life with the pampering of Edna.

June 5, 2017

We have seen the happiness on our adopters' face, we have also seen the uncontrollable sorrow and despair of our adopter's face.

Bui Bui (previously known as Gong Gong) crossed the rainbow last week and was cremated this Monday (5 June 2017). We went to say our last goodbye. Bui Bui's brother Nian Nian (adopted by Ednajoy and Sean) attended the cremation as well.

Even though the 2 furry brothers went to different homes, their adoptive daddies and mummies make it a point to let the 2 brothers meet regularly. Be it swimming sessions or shopping outings of their mummies. Last Monday was the last time the 2 furry brothers get to meet each other. Nian Nian went to say his last goodbye. It was a tearful outing. Bui Bui was sleeping peacefully.

It is never easy to get over a pet's passing. Chris and Elise, Bui Bui is at peace now. He is very thankful for your unconditional love and care for the past 2 years. He lived a good life.


"There's a bridge beyond the rainbow that God prepared with care so when our pets must leave us we'll know that they are there.

It is a special sanctum where they can rest and play, knowing we will claim them again some joyous day.

Our bond will be renewed just as it was before; the undying love of a pet you cannot ask for more.

I pray for such a Heaven for in my heart I know wherever He does take them - that's where I want to go" - C. David Hay

Rest in peace, Bui Bui.

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