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Lady, Luke & Chewbacca

25 May 2015

We have rescued all 3 puppies!

Now, it's time to fatten them up, show them lots of TLC (tender loving care) and they will be going for adoptions.

Lady, Luke and Chewbacca, life story will continue ...

"May the Force be with them!"

The sweltering heat of May is very unbearable. The minute we reach home, we dash to our air-con rooms. The weatherman tells us the month of June will be an even hotter month!

Somewhere in a Woodlands construction site, a mommy dog and her three beautiful black and brown pups hide under trucks. They do not understand the danger of being run over by heavy vehicles or crushed to a miserable death by heavy machinery/cranes.

They have no food and so have to scavenge for whatever they can eat. They have no water either. And the pouring rain suddenly arrives and as quickly as it pours, it stops. Where can these poor doggies hide from the harsh elements and dangerous environment?

Together with Amanda, we managed to rescue two pups. The pups do not know if being caught means a new life ahead or a death sentence by AVA.

If you have the room in your heart and in your house, please contact Purely Adoptions to view and adopt these 2 gorgeous pups.

Contacts: 90018848

or email to:

Meanwhile, we are doing our best to rescue the mommy dog and the third puppy.

11 Aug 2015



Handsome Chewbacca and Luke are 4 months old and looking for an adopter urgently.

Chewbacca has a very soft, nice velvety coat and will grow to be a big dog. Luke has short coat. Both are curious pup and get along well with other dogs. An experienced dog handler is required. Adopters who have gardens will be interested to have Chewbacca or Luke as they are highly intelligent and trainable.

Keen adopters, please contact Purely Adoptions at 90019848.

18 Nov 2015

Luke, 5mth, male is looking for his forever home. He was rescued at construction site with his siblings few months ago. Luke understood simple commands and is a very patient boy. He will sit down quietly for his food or treats. He walks well on leash but is still abit terrified of passing vehicle (he probably had some bad experience at the construction site). If you are able to give him a forever home, pls contact 90018848. Pls share the post so he can find his forever home soon.

17 Jan 2016

This day 17 Jan 2016 is a very emotional day for me.

In the morning, we had 2 families who came to view Chewbacca and Luke. These 2 brothers were rescued from Woodlands construction site few months ago.

We pray that they will go to good family.

The 2nd incident is a joyful one as Truffles (En En) has been successfully been adopted by Dexter n her wife. Although it's a separation from her brother Kai Kai we are happy for her.

The 3rd incident left a mark in my memory. We are asked to rehome Tofu, a beautiful 2 year old Spitz who is intelligent & very affectionate.

At the moment of separation, her owner broke down and cried. I could feel the agony and pain in her as she bid farewell to Tofu. We assured her that we will find a good home for her precious pet.

Inside the car, as I was driving, I could see that Tofu was looking out of the car, searching for something. I could feel that she was missing her owner. Tofu was anxiously looking out to see her once more.

The scene is vivid is my mind. If humans do break down and cry with the painful separation, how will the pet feel as well? Do they feel the sense of lost, the love from their care giver?

At the fosterer place, Tofu meets a new friend. For tonight, she will miss her owner and gets to meet a "friend friend" fellow Spitz.

Thank you to Adonsia for helping us to foster Tofu.

This day, my feelings has a roller coaster ride. From a promising hope for Chewy n Luke; to happiness for Truffles; the pain of separation for Tofu.

This is the experience we go through in one day as a rescuer, a rehomer, and an advocate that believes "Adoptions Saves Lives".

28 Feb 2016

Luke is very determined to find his forever home and decided to do some poses to boost his chance to be adopted. Luke, 8mth, male was rescued together with his siblings Chewbacca and Lady whom were adopted. During his stay at the fosterer home, he has grown to be more confident, sociable and affectionate. He has slowly transformed from a wild stray dog to a docile home dog. To know more about him, pls contact 90018848. Pls share the post to fulfil his wish. Thank you.

7 Apr 2016

Chewbacca, now renamed as Buddy is saying hello to everyone!! He was rescued together with his siblings from a construction site. This handsome boy is growing into a charming heart breaker. He is simply beautiful! Thank you Shaun and Wanling for the updates. We are glad to know he is well taken care of.

11 May 2016

Luke is more relaxed today and little BatPup is already making himself at home in the new place. Let's see!!

17 May 2016

Luke and Batpup passed their trial homestay with flying colors and potential adopter will be keeping them!! Yeah! I am surprised how the 2 rowdy naughty boys became so obedient over 1 week period. Good job Zarrah! I will arrange a time with you to do the handover 🙂

14 Oct 2017

Our adopted dogs met each other at the dog run today and furry mummies and daddies thought the dogs might have met each other and asked if they adopted their dogs. Both said yes and both said they adopted from Purely Adoptions 🤣

The dogs in the video are Panda (adopted in 2017), Luke and Batpup (adopted in 2016)

Thank you Zarrah for sending the video. Its heart warming to see all the dogs play, especially Luke who used to be so timid enjoying himself in park.

18 Apr 2019

Sad that we have to rehome this lovely handsome boy Buddy again. He was adopted from us around 3 years ago to a very good family. However the owner is not well and has no choice but to approach us to find a good home for him.

He is formerly known as Chewbacca, rescued together with Luke and Lady. As below are some info about Buddy

Buddy, 4 years old

- Tri-coloured with long soft hair

- Likes to play catching/hide and seek

- Independent dog (can stay alone at home, will not ruin furniture)

- Only pees/poops on grass

- Timid/takes time to warm up to people. But can live harmoniously with other dogs and kids.

- Like dogs (especially smaller sized dogs)

- Went for 1-1 obedience training and walks OK on leash, but he tugs when he’s excited or when he’s scared (especially near heavy traffic and construction sites)

- Does not like hugs but petting is fine

- Highly motivated by food

- Knows basic tricks (Sit, heel, Down, High Five, Hello, Gongxi, Bang)

To adopt him, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof). Pls share the post. He deserves a good home.

25 May 2019

Glad to see Duke and Jester celebrating their 3rd birthday 🙂 3 years ago, Zarrah went to fosterer's house to view Jester the little puppy and she saw an older dog Duke hiding at one corner. After she learnt Duke was up for adoption, she decided to adopt him as well knowing he will have slim chance of getting adopted with his reserved character. Duke was formally known as Luke and he was from the batch Lady, Chewbacca and Luke.

Thank you Zarrah. Happy to see their updates 🙂 #Repost @zarrahkcaloba

Made by @Image.Downloader

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3rd Adoption Anniversary of Duke and Jester!!!

24 May 2020

We are blessed to have wonderful adopters at Purely Adoptions. We just received the latest updates on Luke (renamed Duke) and Jester, adopted from us 4 years ago. Zarrah came to us with an interest to adopt Luke, the brown puppy then. She saw Duke, the shy black dog hiding at one corner and asked if he is up for adoption. Fosterer said yes but it will take a long time for Duke to open up. Zarrah said its ok, she will have trial homestay for the 2 dogs as she can't bear to separate the timid older Duke from the confident playful puppy Jester. This is how this wonderful lady adopted 2 dogs from us. Thank you @zarrahkcaloba . Happy Birthday Duke and Jester, good to see both of you again 😊

25 December 2020: Latest update

Merry Christmas greeting!

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