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We received a call from Mdm Goh’s friend in April 2015 requesting for us to rehome Mdm Goh’s two dogs. Mdm Goh is a stroke patient who can only move half her body. She could not really bend down to shower Lazy and has only $2 per day to spend on food for Lazy. While she loved Lazy dearly, her son on the other hand could not be bothered to look after Lazy even though he had no work.

Arriving at Mdm Goh’s place, we were appalled to see the condition of Lazy; he was soaked in pee, covered with hardened matted fur and his eyes were filled with horrible pus and blood stain. He had not been bathed in 2 months. This 9-year-old Shih Tzu is in a very bad state and definitely needs to be rehomed.


We first groomed Lazy before bringing him to the vet where he underwent an eye operation in hopes of recovering partial eyesight. His medical bills amounted to $766 and we are very blessed to have received donations that offset some of the bills. We would like to thank Siew Eng, Yong Siong, King Hung; Chin Peng, Chin Chin, Darrin Yok and Shu Meng for all your kind contributions. Your help has given Lazy a chance to see the world out there again.

Lazy was temporarily fostered by Suzalini after his operation. Suzalini gave Lazy much love and care, and provided salmon for her meals. He recovered really well under her fostering. However, as he requires extensive care and daily eye drops during the post operation period, we decided to foster him ourselves until we found a permanent home for him.

Before the next checkup, we thought Lazy could have regained partial eyesight as he could seemingly find his direction (it could also be due to his senses). He could also move his eyeballs. We remained very hopeful and prayed hard that what we observed is true.

16 May 2015: We brought Lazy to the vet and we were overjoyed to hear that Lazy is not totally blind. The eye operation was a success!

Now it is time for us to find an adopter willing to take this Shih Tzu in.


Contrary to what many believe, Lazy is easy to care for. He rarely barks and is contented to be alone. He is not fussy with food either and eats whatever he is given.

24 May 2015: Lazy went for his trial homestay.

1 June 2015: Today is Vesak Day and it is also the day that Lazy got adopted by his mummy Sharon Ong!

Sharon heard our prayers and stood out to take care of Lazy, whom she renamed Hannibal, as she knows that he is a senior dog, who is almost blind and may have huge medical burden in his later life. She assured that she is financially stable to afford the medical bills and most importantly, she was certain that she wants to save a life. Sharon even has a philosophy in caring for Hannibal: To love him by giving him lots of exercise and keeping his diet treat-free and healthy, and to invest in a good vet as prevention is always better than cure.

We are really blessed to have such angelic people like Sharon who is willing to give a senior dog a new lease of life and we remain sincerely thankful of her for taking Hannibal in.

We are Purely for Adoptions, and signing off with a heart full of hope and bliss to know that angels do exist.


May 2018

Hannibal is doing very well despite losing his sight. Look at his happy face and we know he is well loved. Thank you Sharon for the updates and your love for him. Appreciate it.

January 2018

Another update on our dog Hannibal! Glad to see him doing well and happy! Thank you Sharon for your love for him:)

Dec 2016

Hannibal with Sharon's granny. It is so lovely to see your granny stroking the fur of Hannibal and finding comfort with your pet. We are sure Hannibal enjoys the love and touches from granny.

A mature dog can keep the elderly company while their children work and it will encourage a constant engagement between the seniors and the dog. Not to mention that the elderly can bring the senior dogs out for walks and exercise at the same time too. There are many perks to adopting a senior dog!

June 2015

Sharon went beyond her duties and brought Hannibal back to visit Mdm Goh, his previous owner. Mdm Goh had to give Hannibal up though she loved him dearly due to medical constraints. She was ecstatic when I called to say that Hannibal will be visiting her. On that day, she prepared chicken breast meat and waited patiently for Hannibal the whole afternoon. Nothing could hide my grin the entire day.

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