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Gu Niang

21 JANUARY 2020

Anyone can help to foster Gu Niang, female 2yr old, HDB approved for few days? She is currently at SPCA and she need a foster home at the soonest as there's limited space at SPCA. Apart from that, there's a wound in her butt. We like to bail her out asap but our fosterer is only available from 25 Jan onwards? Anyone can house her temporary? She is a sweet and shy girl who was builled by her pack before she was trapped. If you can help, pls contact @PurelyWoof 90709585 asap. Pls help to share the post. Thank you.

22 JANUARY 2020

Thank you to those who shared the post on Gu Niang. We managed to find a temporary fosterer and has bailed her out from SPCA today. She is very skinny and has small build (HDB approved). Approx 2 yr old and has a very sweet temperament. We will settle her down first and will be putting her up for adoption soon. If you like to know more about her, pls contact @purelywoof 90709585. Pls share the post so Gu Niang can find a forever home soon. Thank you

1 MARCH 2020

Remember we posted on Gu Niang sometime back, appealing for fosterer? Gu Naing was at SPCA then, wounded and we need fosterer ASAP. We found a kind lady Yvonne who offered to foster Gu Niang and subsequently her friend saw Gu Niang and decided adopt her. Gerry renamed Gu Niang to Story 😊. Story is still timid when we went over for handover but Gerry is taking baby steps to make her feel comfortable and at ease. We are glad we changed Story's destiny. She was living in wild before she was trapped and now she has a wonderful family. Thank you Gerry for making this happen.

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