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Dong Dong

9 MAY 2019

It has been a year since Dong Dong, the brown lab look alike Singapore Special has been rescued. He is doing well at our commercial boarding kennel. Dong Dong has the size of of lab as well and thus not HDB approved. Dong Dong is up for adoption. If you like to know more about him, pls contact PurelyWoof at 90709585. Thank you.


Six years ago, a friend tagged along with me during feeding and chanced upon puppy Dong Dong.

She fell in love with him and wanted to adopt him, so I went to ask boss.

I said, “Boss, you have four dogs in your factory including Dong Dong. I have a friend who stays in a private home who is keen on him. Can she adopt?”

Boss rejected, citing he loves this puppy and since he rescued him, he will feed and care for him on his own. That was far from what he promised, as he feeds leftover scraps from his workers’ meals to his dogs. Few years later, the factory moved into a multi-storey industrial unit at kaki bukit. By then, four dogs became three as one passed away. Boss initially brought all three of them with him, but due to complaints, he left Dong Dong back at defu.

So what happened to the factory unit at defu? A new company moved in with a new boss, who also adopted 2 male dogs from me. Since they are not related to Dong Dong, the two dogs naturally guarded their territory and would attack Dong Dong, leaving him with a body full of wounds.

Across the road, the boss of another unit heard about his plight. He has watched Dong Dong grow up since his puppyhood, and he kindly offered to take Dong Dong in. Even so, Dong Dong seemed a bit lonely. The dogs he knew were no longer here (his siblings moved/some others here either passed away or got caught by AVA over the years). He would make rounds around defu, doing his pee/poop business at the same time. Occasionally, the two dogs would still pick fights with him.

I recalled a time when I saw him in Kovan. Little did I expect that he would roam out of defu, and that wasn’t a one-off incident. The second time I chanced upon Dong Dong, my hubby and I were walking to my daughter’s block for dinner. I called his name and he was overjoyed to see me. How did he end up in my estate? We had to walk him all the way back to his place at defu, and made sure to have the gates locked up. Ever since then, Dong Dong would appear at my estate once every 2-3 days.

One afternoon after my feeding rounds, I thought I saw an unleashed dog without it’s owner, chasing after my lorry. I stopped the vehicle to get a closer look and realize it was Dong Dong trailing me, as he recognized the sound of the vehicle engine. I was dumbfounded. I left his food at his resting place in defu, yet here he is! I asked, “Dong Dong, why are you here? Do you know how dangerous it is for you to be out here on your own?” Worried, I contacted purely adoptions for help. Thanks to them, Dong Dong was trapped, sterilized, and micro chipped. He was also tested positive for heartworm and tick fever so purely adoptions have kindly offered to pay for the medical expenses till he recovers.

For his safety, I cannot return him to defu as he already knows where I stay and would definitely come back for me.

Yesterday I saw Dong Dong’s post on purely adoptions fb page, citing that the existing fosterer can only keep him till 21/5/19. Dong Dong is a sweet boy with a good temperament.

To be honest, I regret not taking Dong Dong away during his younger days to be properly rehomed so that he could have a better life. Watching him stray throughout the years have been very heartbreaking.

Please help us to share the appeal for a fosterer or adopter for this lovely brown lad. (ADOPTION LINK:

For fostering/adoption enquiries, please contact 90018848 purely woof.

15 MAY 2019

Urgent! We need fosterer for Dong Dong by this weekend. He is a very sweet Singapore Special which resemble Chocolate Lab. Good nature and loves to be with human. He does not mix well with small animals. Dong Dong is down with heart worm and we are looking for fosterer that does not have any dogs at home or their dogs are already on Heardgard. If you can help to foster, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof). Thank you. Pls share the post.

17 MAY 2019

*Found* Dong Dong is lost!! First spotted along 140 Yio Chu Kang Rd, lastest update at Lorong Ah Soo. He is wearing bright green collar with a tag. Friendly brown dog. Our team is around Hougang, Loromg Ah Soo, Yio Chu Kang Rd. If you spot him around these area, pls call 90018848 asap. Pls share the post. Thank you.

We found Dong Dong!! Thank you Florence who call us immediately after spotting him! Thank you everyone for sharing the post and help us to find him. We like to thank our volunteers Adeline, Jeannie, Lin, Sharon, Florence and Mei Mei for joining us to find him.

26 MAY 2019

Today is a hot day and Dong Dong (brown dog) and Mochi (Beige dog) spent the lazy Sunday munching dehydrated treats at the kennel. Both are still looking for a home, very sweet well behaved dog. If you Like to adopt them, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof)

4 AUGUST 2019

Dong Dong is another dog which we rescued from the street and was tested Heartworm positive. He has been a street dog for past 5 years and few month ago, he started to follow stray feeder Mei Mei home and that alarmed Mei Mei. Worried her neighbours will call AVS when they see Dong Dong at the void deck, she decided to contact us for help.

Dong Dong is a very friendly dog, a rather large size boy and is not HDB approved. He can easily passed off as Chocolate Lab. Can be a bit selective with certain dog and definitely loves to be with with female mutt. He don't quite like small animals such as cats and rabbits.

He has gotten his last immiticide injection as well and we will wait 6mth later for his Heartworm Blood Test. If you like to adopt him, pls contact PurelyWoof 90709585.

If you like to contribute to our rescued animals medical fee, you can donate to us via the following ways:

1. UOB Current A/C: 631-302-019-0

2. Using PayNow, the UEN is : 201431426WPA8

3. Write a cheque to "Purely Adoptions Limited" and post to : PO Box 236, Thomson Rd Post Office S915708.

Thank you for your kind donations.

16 DECEMBER 2019

This lovely handsome boy is still looking for a home. A lookalike brown lab. Very sweet personality however not suitable for family with small pets such as rabbits, cats etc. If you like to adopt him, pls contact @purelywoof 90709585. Pls share the post.

26 AUGUST 2020

This week is Dong Dong's turn to go for trial homestay :). He is probably in daze, thinking how come he's not in the kennel and the new place looks so nice and cosy, trying hard to keep awake. We hope the trial goes well.


What do you think of Dong Dong trial homestay? His face says it all!


Our Singapore "Hachiko" Dong Dong finally has a place to call home. It has been long journey for him (Story of Dong Dong: We got to know Dong Dong when Stray Feeder Mei Mei approached us of a dog that keep following her home. Worried that her neighbours will call the authority to remove him, she quickly called us for help. We took him in and found he was heartworm positive. Without hesitation, we sent him for treatment which he recovered. Dong dong has been a familiar faces at our adoption drives and all of us grew attached to him. One of our volunteers YY even sponsor part of his boarding fee every month, hoping he will find a home soon. His adoption is a great news to all of us because he is such a good nature dog and deserves to be loved like any pet. He had struggled to survive in his early years as a street dog and now its time for him to enjoy life. Dong Dong's care giver Wong Ling was present during handover to give her blessing to this wonderful boy. Thank you SY for giving Dong Dong a home. It really mean a lot to us.

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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