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Cooper, Benny & Lucky

Cooper, together with his two brothers Benny and Lucky, was first rescued by stray feeder Francis and Shirlin from a construction site in May 2017. They were all around 2 months old then and were timid and shy.

In particular, Cooper is a little brown Prince Charming with a striking white patch on his chest. It seemed like he has a white tie with a brown tuxedo, which makes him unique and easily discernible from the rest of his siblings.

We took Cooper and his brothers down for their first adoption drive on 28 May 2017 - Pets @ Coast. We had hopes that bringing them down for as adoption drive will increase their chance of finding their forever home.

While we actively find adopters for Cooper, Fosterer Suzalini's toilet-trained tiny Cooper and taught him basic commands such as come, sit and he knows that "no" means that it is not allowed. He is good with other dogs and children. However, he remained timid and needed time to warm up to people.

Cooper went for his first home trial stay in August 2017. We were hopeful but it was unsuccessful.

Undeterred, we continued to keep him in foster care and this time, we wanted to find separate fosters for the three siblings to train their independence. All three of them remained a bit timid and still takes time to warm up to others. Of the three, Cooper has the smallest build and we thought he might be HDB approved too. This opened up more options for his adoption and fostering.

The quest to find separate foster homes for the 3 of them became more urgent in October 2017 as their fosterer were unable to foster all 3 of them at the same time due to unforeseen circumstances.

Cooper is the smallest among the 3 (HDB approved) and has been to few trial homestay but failed. The reason for failing the trial homestay was because he is too timid and will hide under sofa and refuse to come out. He is not interactive when he is not with his brothers.

Lucky, the medium size amongst the 3 is timid as well. He could not walk well on leash when he is not with his brothers. Sometimes he will tremble in the new environment and refused to move. However, when back at foster home, he loves to be touched and hugged, seeking attention from fosterer. He is a very affectionate boy.

Benny is the biggest amongst the 3 but not very big size compared to a full grown mongrel. He is also a shy boy but the bravest among the 3. He is like a big brother protecting his brothers and giving in to them.

All the 3 brothers are very close and dependant of each other. They share their food, play together, sleep and cuddle together. Its heart breaking to separate the boys but we had no choice. They needed a home themselves to become independent for separate adoption or we have to find a family who can adopt all 3 of them at the same time.

Months passed, and Cooper was making slow process opening up. Vera (formerly known as Ying Ying) came to the rescue and started teaching Cooper to learn to play away from his brothers in March 2018.

Vera played the role of the big sister, inviting Cooper and Benny to make themselves at home and to trust her daddy and mummy. This was like a role reversal when months ago, the 3 brothers also tried to make the scared and sad Vera feel welcomes on her first day at the foster home.

We wondered if it was fate or that the dogs know that they need to support each other emotionally in new environments; the dogs' thoughtfulness and warm interaction really tugged at our heartstrings.

Cooper went for another trial homestay a few days later. He made himself at home and had good appetite. We were optimistic and hoped for the best. However, unfortunately, his home stay trial failed yet again.

By May 2018, we had taken Cooper to a few adoption drive such as One Furry Fiesta on 17 June 2017 and 6-8 April 2018 pet Expo. He was met with many of our familiar faces such as Pam and Eric with Orla, and there were inquiries for him at every event.

Cooper was placed on yet another home stay on 1 May 2018. We sincerely hoped that Cooper can be more confident and independent and be accepted by them.

Cooper remained timid and this time round, we decided to send Cooper for another 'socialising' training at Vera's house. He is easily frightened and will always hide in a corner when there is a visitor in the house. We hoped that through the stay with Vera, he will open up and be more confident.

Xavian heard that Cooper remained very shy even after 3 weeks of stay at his potential adopter's home and brought Vera to visit him as he believed that Vera will be able to bring Cooper out of his fear. Cooper immediately brightened up and came out of his usual hiding spot when he saw Vera, becoming cheerful and started to play with her.

Potential adopter gave a big smile and felt relief to see Cooper enjoying himself, finally. Thankfully, Cooper started to open up and began to trust Zhi Ming and Chen Yen, slowly, but surely. We decided to extend his trial homestay. Potential adopter is a great animal lover and we didn't want Cooper to miss this chance.


Indeed, there is always a guardian angel out there watching out for the homeless dogs. Cooper finally found his guardian angel on 17 June 2018, after failing a few trial homestay.

Zhi Ming and Chen Yen were looking for a dog and we thought they were looking for small breeds. However Chen Yen inquired on the type of dog that was harder to be adopted and considered a Singapore Special when we replied so. We recommended Cooper and told her about poor Cooper who had failed a few trial homestay because of his shy and reserved nature and that he had been looking for a home for over a year.

Chen Yen decided to give Cooper a chance and we brought Cooper to her for trial homestay. The trial homestay went on for 2 months as Cooper needed a long time to open up to new people. Zhi Ming and Chen Yen never gave up on him and continued to shower him with love and concern.

We are glad we always have very nice and kind hearted people at Purely Adoptions. You guys made our rescue work more meaningful and rewarding. Thank you Zhi Ming and Chen Yen. You might think that your adoption of Cooper is a small gesture but it meant a lot to us. Cooper has been to so many trial home stays and we always felt very sad when we receive a message to take him back. He is a good boy and deserves a good home. You came along and gave him a chance. He is able to have a home because of you. Its a happy ending everyone is looking forward to. Thank you once again.


Just as we thought we can close the case on Cooper, we received news from his adopters. Cooper ran out of his house around 4.30pm on 27 June 2018.

A search team comprising Zhi Ming and Chen yen, their friend, their helper was formed immediately to look for him. Xavian and his parents also brought Vera down to join in the search and we went down to help as well. Few hours passed and we finally caught sight of him in a forested area. We went towards him but he was running away, probably frightened by the noise of the passing vehicles. He has always been a timid boy since young.

We used Vera to lure him out and he recognised Vera and started to play with her. He had a great time running around in the forest and getting Vera to join in the fun. He was happy. A kind passerby saw us trying to catch him and gave us a piece of KFC fried chicken to use as a bait. Cooper took a bite but ran away. Xavian tried to get hold of him and was bitten by him in the end. He ran back to the dark forest and we continued to wait for him to appear.

He came out at times but always ran away each time. This went on for a few hours until he stopped appearing at all. By then, it was late and we had to call off the search. Owner stayed on until the last bus at the nearby bus-stop passed by.

We thought we could continue our search tomorrow but a few hours later, in the wee hours of 28 June 2019, we received a call from the Traffic Police. They contacted us as Cooper was wearing a Purely Adoptions Tag and broke the news that Cooper had passed on. It was a case of hit and run. We contacted Mobile Pet to collect him and arranged for a cremation ceremony that morning.

His sudden demise came as a shock to us and we could not express our grief. We had spent a lot of effort to find a good home for him since his rescue at 2 months old. We put him through multiple trial home stays before finding a really nice family who loves him a lot. Rescuer Shirlin even cried out in joy when she learnt that Cooper was adopted and that became a beautiful Father's Day present for her husband Francis as well.

Everyone was very sad at the farewell ceremony. Cooper's owner, Zhiming and Chenyen were crying out loud; Mrs Mar (Xavian's mum) could not hold back her sorrow as well. Everyone was very upset. We separated the night before in hopes of gathering back to find Cooper yet a few hours later, we gathered again at the nasty reality that that morning will be his final farewell. He is really gone, forever.

Cooper, we hoped you had been happy for the past 1 year. You have been well taken care of since you were rescued at 2 months old - from your foster homes to your adopted home. You have been pampered with lots of food, treats and toys. Run free and start a new life again. You have been a very good boy in this life and will be deeply missed.

9 JULY 2017

Lucky and Benny

10 FEBRUARY 2018

Benny, male, 11mth on Feb 18, the light brown color dog went for his 1st walk today! Finally! Benny was rescued together with his 2 brothers Lucky and Cooper when they were 2 month old. Since then, the 3 brothers didn't have much luck in finding adopter as they are timid and shy. Vera (formerly known as Ying Ying)'s adopter Xavian decided to help Benny to overcome his shyness by fostering him. So far so good. Benny has made tremendous progress from not eating and moving from the same spot on first day to interacting with Vera and going for walk with her. Infact, Vera plays a very important role is making Benny feel at ease by engaging Benny to play and protecting him during walk. Lovely girl!

If you like to adopt Benny, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyAdoptions)

12 FEBRUARY 2018

Benny, male, 11 mth as at Feb 2018 is doing well at Fosterer Xavian's house. He became more sociable, paper trained and even learn to play with Vera's (Fosterer Sis) toys. We are very happy with his progress. To adopt him/know more about him, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyAdoptions)

20 MARCH 2018

Cooper (the one with white patch on his chest), male, 1yr, one of the timid brothers rescued by stray feeders Shirlin and Francis went for 'socialising' training at Vera's(formerly known as Ying Ying) house. He is a timid boy who always hide at one corner when there's visitor in the house. We hope after his stay at Vera's house, he will open up and be more confident. Cooper is small build for a mongrel and is HDB approved. He is up for adoption. You can know more about him at

To adopt him, pls contact 90018848 (Purely Adoptions)

Pls also visit for other pets up for adoptions

21 MARCH 2018

This is Vera (formerly known as Ying Ying) teaching Cooper (the one with white patch on his chest), the timid dog who grew up with his 2 other shy brothers to open up and learn to play.

It's nice to see Vera playing the role of the big sister inviting Cooper and his brother Benny (now on trial homestay) to make themselves at home and trust her daddy and mummy. Fast forward few month earlier when the emaciated Vera was first rescued ( the 3 brothers also try to make the scared and sad Vera feel welcomed on her first day at the foster home.

Is it fate or the dogs know they need to support each other emotionally in a new environment? The 2 dogs thoughtfulness and warm interaction really tug our heartstrings.

We hope Cooper can be more independent after his stay at Vera's place and get adopted eventually.

To know more about Cooper, you can visit

To adopt Cooper, pls contact 90018848 (Purely Adoptions)

To view other pets up for adoption, pls visit

1 MAY 2018

Have you been thinking about Cooper's brothers Benny and Lucky? They are doing well at fosterer Emerlynn's house. They are still looking for their forever home. If you like to have a dog who can get along well with cats, do consider them. Pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof) for more information

21 MAY 2018

Latest update on Benny and Lucy from fosterer Emerlynn. Both brothers are still timid but warms up easily when they see familar faces. Gentle with kids and loves to be with other dogs. You can read more about them at and To know more about them and adopt them, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof)

Pls share the post so they can find their forever home soon.

Still can't get enough of Benny? Check out how sweet he is and the cat seems to like him alot too. Benny is up for adoption. To know more about him, pls check out To adopt him, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof). Pls share the post so he can find his forever home. Thank you.

28 MAY 2018

Vera @vera_wuf went to visit her previous foster friend Cooper today because she heard he is still very timid and shy even after 3 week stay at his potential adopter's home. Vera has stayed at the same foster family with Cooper when she was rescued (

Cooper became happy and playful when he saw Vera. He suddenly came out of his usual hiding spot and started to play with Vera. Potential adopter gave a big smile and feel relief to see Cooper enjoying himself, finally. We hope Cooper can maintain his playful self and learn to love and trust human. We decided to extend his trial homestay. Potential adopter is a great animal lover and we doesn't want Cooper to miss this chance.

We like to thank Xavian, Vera's owner for bringing Vera to meet Cooper when he heard about Cooper's situation. He believe Vera will be able to bring Cooper out of his fear. All of us are really hoping this will be Cooper's last trial homestay. Cooper, all the best to you!

21 JUNE 2018

Guess who is the culprit? Is it Lucky (Blue collar on the left) or Benny (Orange collar on the right)? Both Benny and Lucky are brothers of Cooper who was adopted recently. All three brothers are timid and reserved. We are glad Cooper found a home. We believe the time will come for Benny and Lucky. They are good with cats and dogs. Very sweet shy boys. If you like to adopt them, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof)

And to who is the culprit...... its Benny (right), the one who don't feel guilty 😂

21 JULY 2018

Vera (the brown dog, previously known as Ying Ying - went to visit his previous foster friends Benny and Lucky. They met each other at their 1st fosterer's house together with their late brother Cooper. Benny and Lucky were very happy to see Vera. They probably didn't know what happened to Cooper. Thank you for Emerlynn @furristica fostering these 2 boys and make them so happy and more confident. Thank you Xavian @xavi_an and Vera @vera_wuf for always bring joy and happiness to their foster fur friends.

Benny and Lucky are up for adoptions

(, ) However this time, we are not going to separate them. They have to be adopted in pair. We will find a good home for them. If you are interested in giving them their forever home, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof).

To our dear Cooper, do watch over your 2 brothers and let us find a wonderful family for them. We will take care of them and make sure we find a good family for them.

1 AUGUST 2018

They were rescued from the construction site since young and we can still remember how timid the 3 brothers Benny, Lucky and Cooper were. We are glad to see how confident and comfortable Benny and Lucky became at the fosterer Emerlynn's house. They are up for adoption and both have to be adopted together. We have no heart to separate these 2 brothers. To know more about Benny and Lucky, you can check out , To adopt them, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof)

12 AUGUST 2018

Benny and Lucky went for their yearly vaccination amd deworming today. These 2 brothers have been staying at fosterer Emerlynn's for past 4 months and we are glad to see them so well fed and more confident. They have put on quite abit of weight since the last time we saw thrm.

Both brothers still have the fear in them, especially in new environment. According to Dr Gloria, one of the possibilties that they are so fearful is when their mummy was pregnant with them, there's fear in her. This caused the hormone change and indirectly affect them as well.

The 2 brothers are very close to each other. They are up for adoption but both have to be adopted together. You can read more about them at , To adopt them, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof). Pls share the post. Thank you.

20 NOVEMBER 2018

Glad to see the latest updates on Benny ( and Lucky (

Benny and Lucky have improved a lot under the loving care of Fosterer Emerlynn. They used to be very timid, and are even scared of the cats. However at Emerlynn's place, they learnt to be confident when with human and relax when with cats. We love this pic as it show how comfortable the brothers are and how they live in harmony with their new found friends the cats.

Great job Emerlynn!

20 AUGUST 2020

2 years ago, Emerlynn and her family came to our adoption drive at Star Vista to donate her late huskies’ food. We mentioned if she’s opening to fostering our rescued dogs as we know she was still grieving and a new dog might help to soothe her pain. We told her about Benny and Lucky, 2 Singapore Special Brothers who have been looking for a home since they young. They were very skittish and shy then. Emerlynn agreed to foster them without asking to view them. In her heart, she will help any dogs that happened to cross her path. We asked Emerlynn to bring back all her donated items for Benny and Lucky and we prepared to send the 2 boys to her house.

Benny and Lucky were rescued together with her late brother Cooper from Construction site by stray feeder Francis and Shirlin. Since young, they have been very timid and frighten of people. We took a very long time to open them up. When we sent Benny and Lucky to Emerlynn’s place, the 2 brothers just snuggled at one corner and totally avoid eye contact with anyone. We left the place and Emerlynn sent us a message, telling us to rehome those urgent case first. The 2 boys are safe at her place and there’s no urgency to rehome them. For the past 2 years, we been receiving updates Emerlynn on the 2 boys or via their IG @furristica . We saw how Benny and Lucky have grown to be more confident. Most importantly, they are very happy to be in the family. Emerlynn has 5 rescued cats at home and they are the boys best friends. We can feel the love Emerlynn felt for the boys and asked if she like to adopt them. She said yes without hesitation. We know there’s no better home for Benny and Lucky than their current home.

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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Really happy to see Benny and Lucky’s latest update. Both dogs were very skittish when rescued from construction site. It’s really nice to see how confident and happy they are. Sometimes a good loving environment can really change the animals. Thank you Emerlynn for the updates 🙂

Posted @withregram • @life_of_2d5c Good and timid boys explored the park and were spooked by cars and drains‼️ But at least managed to venture almost half of jurong lake garden and were rewarded with veal ribs🦴

@purelywoof @purelyadoptions

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