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8 JANUARY 2020

We were notified of some puppies by stray feeders. The puppies look very skinny. We do not have any fosterers at the moment and like to check of any one can help to foster these poor puppies. If you can help, pls contact @purelywoof 90709585. Thank you. Pls share the post.

14 JANUARY 2020

Few days ago we posted on the skinny puppies, appealing for fosterer. We managed to trap 1 puppy named Chestnut, thanks to Wei De, Sean and Edna. We have given her a good shower, nice dinner and will be sending her to Vet for checkup. Poor Chestnut's ears seems to be badly bitten by ticks and her paws seems to be bleeding as well.

We will keep everyone posted on her progress.

16 JANUARY 2020

We sent Chestnut (the 2mth old puppy that we rescued few days ago) to the Vet today. We found she is anaemic and has low platelet count. She is tested negative for 4DX but that could be a possibility of Babesia (tick-borne infection due to parasite). We will monitor her for next 2 weeks and send her back for blood test again. Hope she is fine.


Remember the skinny puppy Chestnut that we rescued sometime back? Upon rescued, she was anaemic and has low platelet count. Fast forward few weeks later, she is doing very well at Fosterer Wei De's care and is ready for adoption. Chestnut is still very timid and will take sometime to warm up. A very sweet girl. If you like to adopt her, pls contact @purelywoof 90709585. Pls share the post so she can find her forever family. Thank you.

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