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Buddy (Kobe)

27 JANUARY 2020

Today is the 3rd day of CNY and supposely, it should be a joyous occassion for everyone, especially for the Chinese community. However the Covid-19 news has dampened everyone's high spirit and the videos of how wild animals have been cruelly slaughtered for food shocked us . We have been thinking how one can be so ruthless and vile towards the innocent animals.

Today, we received a call from stray feeder informing us that she found a puppy Buddy, probably around 2 mth old with a severed leg. Its a clean cut. Not sure what happened and we hope its not one of the evil act by human. Stray feeder called SPCA to pick up the puppy and have SPCA to contact us. We were told to bail out the puppy by tomorrow and also to seek medical treatment for this puppy. We are running at full capacity but we can't turn a blind eyes to this poor innocent puppy. We do not have any fosterer at the moment.

If you can help to foster Buddy, pls contact @purelywoof 90709585 asap.

If you like to donate to Buddy's medical treatment, you can donate to us via the following ways:

1. UOB Current A/C: 631-302-019-0

2. Using PayNow, the UEN is : 201431426WPA8

3. Write a cheque to "Purely Adoptions Limited" and post to : PO Box 236, Thomson Rd Post Office S915708.

We have few dogs that need immediate medical treatment asap and any donations will be much appreciated.

Pls help to share the post. We do not wish to delay treatment for this poor baby and we can't imagine the pain he is suffering now. Thank you.

28 JANUARY 2020

Sorry to inform that this post will have some graphic content. It’s regarding Buddy the 3 legged puppy. We just sent him to the vet today. There’s maggots wound on his back and having a quick look at his injured leg, our hearts cried. Poor Buddy was trembling with fear when we stroked him gently on his head. We heard he eat well but was quiet most of the time. Amputation of his hindlimb is essential to improve his quality of life. We decided to proceed with it. Estimated operation cost is around $5-6k +- and its scheduled this Friday (if there’s no other changes). As Buddy is estimated to be around 6-8weeks, there could be some risk involved and we will be engaging an anaesthetic monitoring vet to monitor the surgery.

If you like to help out with Buddy’s medical fee, you can donate to us (Indicate for “Buddy”)via the following ways:

1. UOB Current A/C: 631-302-019-0

2. Using PayNow, the UEN is : 201431426WPA8

3. Write a cheque to "Purely Adoptions Limited" and post to : PO Box 236, Thomson Rd Post Office S915708.

It’s sad Buddy will have to be 3 legged for the rest of his life. We will do our best for him. It’s gonna be challenging to find someone to adopt a 3 legged dog but we will not give up. It’s not his fault to be in this state. If you know anyone who don’t mind adopting a 3 legged dog, pls contact us at @purelywoof 90709585. Pls help to share the post. Thank you.

29 JANUARY 2020

Thank you to those who have donated towards Buddy medical treatment. Appreciates you kindness toward this little Buddy. We have engaged Specialist Surgeon Dr Patrick Maguire, Veterinary Anaesthetist Dr Kieran Maddern for the operation and Dr Kitty for after operation care for this Friday operation tentatively. All the vets will do a final assessment on Buddy tomorrow to make sure his conditions are fit for the operation. We will keep everyone posted. Little Buddy, be strong. You will be fine.

30 JANUARY 2020

Little Buddy is going for operation tomorrow. All the best, Cutie!


Glad to receive a call from Dr Patrick & Dr Kieren @anaesthesia_vet that Buddy's operation went well today. He has woke up and will be hospitalised at the clinic for the next few days. Do check out @purelywoof for some nice videos of little Buddy after his operations. You will find yourself smiling. Thank you for giving little Buddy a new lease of life. We will keep everyone posted of his progress.


"Good night and sweet dreams everyone! The operation went well and I have to be hospitalised until this coming tuesday. Can't wait for the day when I can run again. I may be 3 legged but I will be a happy dog, I am sure 🙂" - Buddy, the 3 legged puppy


"Hi everyone, don't worry about me. I am good, going to be discharged tomorrow 🙂 It's a brand new world for me and I am thankful to all the doners who paid for my medical fee, doctors who treated me and everyone here who wishes me speedy recovery. There's miracle in this world. I almost gave up and nearly died when I lost my leg in the forest but an angel came along. That's where I live again, and I am going to live well. Thank you" Buddy, the 3 legged puppy


Little Buddy is doing well at fosterer's place and the maggot wound on his back is healing well. Good to see his progress 😀 All the best, Buddy!


Step by step, Buddy is learning to walk on 3 legs. Take your time Buddy, you can do it!

13 FEBRUARY 2020

Posted @withregram • @purelywoof Hi, Buddy here. Look at me smiling. Though 3 legged, I m a happy boy with a very free heart. I m very loved by my fosterpawrents as I wait for my forever home. And you know what, I can now pee and poop on the peepad 🐾 👏🤗.

As I m still young, I am not sure if I am HDB approved. To adopt me, please contact @purelywoof 90709585. Please help to share my eligibility 🐾🐾

Be warned..... I can hypnotize you with my puppy eyes and that's it.... 🙈

15 FEBRUARY 2020

"I will live well. The first step I need to do is to get use to standing on my 3 legs. The next thing I need to do is to get strong. I will eat more and be strong. I will keep fighting, everyday." With lots of ❤, Buddy the 3 legged puppy

23 FEBRUARY 2020

Buddy (renamed as Kobe, the 3 legged puppy found his forever home with a family of cat lovers. Kimberly and hubby have been keeping cats since young. When they moved to their first matrimonial home, they know they are ready for a dog. They came across our post on Kobe and their hearts went out to him. Being cat lovers and cat rescurers for their whole life, they shown the same sympathy and kindness towards Kobe, the 3 legged puppy. They were concern and worried whether Kobe can find his forever home as he is only 3 legged. They proceed to view Kobe and decided to have a trial homestay. Surprisingly, the cute furries (the cats) at home welcomed Buddy. Kobe recovered fast from his surgery and few days later, he started running around and playing with his new furry siblings. We know Kobe found a very good family who will take good care of him. We also received a complimentary session from @Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotheraphy Singapore @VRH_sg and we appreciates the kind gesture. Kobe is blessed to receive so much love and kindness from everyone, including those who donated to his operation. Kobe, you have a brand new start in life. Forget about what you don't have and focus on what you are blessed with. You are an inspiration to all other 3 legged animals out there. (*Note: We will update Kobe's medical fee & donations in another post)

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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26 FEBRUARY 2020

Kobe (previously known as Buddy, the 3 legged puppy) went for his complimentary therapy session. Thank you @vrh_sg !

Posted @withregram • Yesterday was my first time visiting Veterinary Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy Centre. All the Jiejie(s) were anticipating my arrival! They gave me a lot of xoxo, and yummy treats to trick me to do some stretching 🤨. I tried my best to stiffen my muscles so they cannot teach my Pawrents how to stretch me, but that failed when they offer me a cookie! 😅. So the jiejie(s) was touching all my strong muscles, and say I was all good and healthy! Just needed more stretching to relax my muscles! And also recommend me to come back for a fitness swim, (I think they just wanna see me more often 😆)! My energy was all burnt out after the touching session.

I want to thank VRH for the complimentary assessment, and also loving me!

See you girls again soon! (I am a womaniser, can’t help it, all ladies love me) *wink*

Furry friends! You guys should visit them too, have a swim! Keep fit and stay healthy!

Kobe B signing off ☝🏻! .

20 MAY 2020

Wanna know how is the 3 legged dog we rescued at the beginning of the year doing? He is doing well, thanks to mummy Kimberly TLC (tender loving care)😊. You can read on Kobe rescue tales at:

Posted @withregram • When CB is over, wanna go out on a date with me? Any girlfriend intro? 🤩

28 JULY 2020

Have you wonder how’s our three legged Buddy doing? He is a grown boy, a handsome one in fact . Thank you Kimberly and Hubby for adopting him despite him being three legged. You can follow Kobe at IG: for his latest updates or checkout:

6 OCTOBER 2020

Kobe met a STAR! Remember the 3 legged puppy named Buddy which we rescued in Jan 2020 and was rehomed to Kimberly and hubby good to see him growing well and happy. Thank you Kim and Hubby for loving him

Posted @withregram • Crashing @chuaenlai korkor’s video shoot party! thank you for playing with me and sharing your water with me!

7 OCTOBER 2020

Posted @withregram • @purelywoof Here's Kobe running around with his friends and guess who ran the fastest?! It's our very own Kobe!! We have learnt so much from him, and one thing would be his resilience! We are so proud of you, Kobe

We like to thank the following for the kind donations:

Mak Hoong Fatt $200

Tan Kae Ling $100

Karen Tan $80

Prisillia Lee $10

Sheena Goh $50

Felicia Ang $10

Alvin Lim $50

Yu Chien Fang $500

Sanjana Tiwari $5

Low Chia Yen $50

Anonymous $20

Foo Yong Jie $10

Chua Huay Nee $50

Goh Yingsi $150

Peh Ean Qi $20

Nicole Teo $50

Jayanthi d/o Puniamo $50

Yu Chien Chih $200

Wong Siew Ching $50

Yip Eng Wai $50

Rachel Chan $100

Dr Charles $110

Tan Shing Mien $200

Chang Ma Li $50

Teo Lip Min $150

Jones R D/Kernahan $50

Erlia Anom $30

Yeow Boon Kiang $44

Tan Peng Wah $18

Oh Lee Koon $100

Sharon $100

Jose Chua $50

Kan Hoon Peng $50

Rach Toh $80

Lin Pei Ming $50

Chan Yen Ling $111

Chua Sha Fen $50

Ong Eng Hua $20

Yu Chien Lan $50

Anonymous $50

Lee Yi Lin Nicole $38.80

Ferlyn Koh $20

Lin Jun $20

Loo Chew Lin $10

Kesavan s/o Ganavath $50

Yu Chien Chih $100

Ng Choon Kiat $50

Evonne Lee $20

Cheryl Tan June Yin $200

Lee Yi Lin $20

Siew Eng Noi $18

Wong Li Chyn $50

Toh Ya Mei $30

Joleen Goh $150

Ng Yung Hian $50

Lai Wei Shan $8

Tan Bing Rou Valenc $15

Tan Hui Sian $50

Lincoln Cheryl Anne $2,000

Tabatha Pang Sui Yan $10

Yong Tina $500

Lim Teck Liang $80

Tan Peck Jen $30

Lim Min Chloe $7

Chee Fee Kian $30

Chin Lee Yen $1,500

Carmen Isabel Mann $50

Teo Hui Min Nicole $100

Teo Hui Min Nicole $50

Li YiXin $50

Nur Tasha Binte Abdu $100

Lee Joo Geok $50

Sun XiaoLu $100

Chua Si Yunn Celest $50

Tan Chiew Yee $50

Lee Peek Sze Christine $350

Lee Wen Jie $30

Tan Yung Ying $200

Tham Hui Wan $20

Sng Bee Li $20

Chow Pui Shan $100

Lyndy Sze Li Tee $150

Chong Huai Ching $200

Tan MingLi Affia $30

Megan and Eugene Leong $100

Kenne Quek $500.00

Chua Khar Noi $100.00

Lim Wee Lee $88.00

Tan Hui Min Serene $50.00

Tan Hui Lin $400.00

Ilonka Guenther $100.00

zoe Teo $30.00

Wong Jian Wei $10.00

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