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7 July 2016

Branson, 10 yr old maltese was rescued and found to have vestibular disease. He can't walk straight but he never stopped trying. He is healing well from his severe ear infection and we will be treating his tooth decay soon.

Branson is currently looking for adopter. If you think you can care for him for the rest of his life, pls contact 90018848.

If you like to help out with his medical bill, pls contact 90018848. We thank you for your generosity.

Branson is a maltese of around 10 years old when he was found. He was rescued with severe ear infections and vestibular disease, a canine disease that can cause body imbalance and tilting of head. Due to the disease, Branson can only walk with his head tilted.

We were deeply saddened to find him in such a state and quickly brought him to the vet. His medical bills amounted to $1033 and we are really glad that we have the $1188 donations from Abbi & Yuki's Birthday Party, donated by Adeline Kwong to offset the hefty sum.

2 July 2016: Grooming

At the courtesy of Karen of Petronize, Branson was groomed! Karen read about Branson and extended her help to this poor little doggie. Not only did she gave him a complementary grooming session, Karen even gave him a free pack of mud spa to soothe his 'bent' neck.

Branson was a good boy throughout the whole grooming session, neither struggling or yapping but sat there quietly for the groomer to carry out his makeover. It was definitely a relief to see that he is cooperating so well but we were worried that it could also be a sign that he had given his will to fight on. Rescued or abandoned dogs tend to portray despondency after being rescued and we certainly hoped that Branson doesn't feel that way.

Branson could not enjoy running and playing like other healthy dogs and it pains us to his longing gaze to join in fun. It is heartbreaking to see his only exercise to be walking round and round in circles due to his neck and stopping only when he is tired. However, he has no complaints and seems to be thankful to finally sleep on a doggy bed with pinky pigs donated by one of our donors.

10 years old, sick, not able to play. Can he be cured? There are simply too many uncertainties and the future for this dog seems bleak. Fosterer and us all wondered if there is anyone with such a big heart willing to accept and adopt Branson. However, we know we need to remain optimistic and hold on to the belief that miracles could happen. In the meantime, we decided to focus on fattening Branson and giving him a total makeover.


We were very pleased to know that Branson's ear infections has cleared up and that he is in good health; he no longer needs to be on medications!

As for his bent neck, the Vet recommended acupuncture or laser treatment but the success rate is not 100%. Of course, he will not die if he is not treated. However, he will walk around with a bent neck for the rest of his life and occasional neck message will need to be done for him.

We believe that everyone has a different lifestyle and there will definitely be the one right dog for all of us. What Branson now needs, is a family looking for a quiet, toilet trained and easy to maintain dog. He does not require any walking and will not pee or poo on the bed when he is being cuddled to sleep. While he is a senior dog at the age of 10, there are many small breed dogs like him who tend to live much longer than others. We have came across dogs past the age of 18 years old too.

Branson, 10 yr maltese is looking for his forever home. To adopt, pls contact 90018848.

( In this video, he is practising his walk after his dinner)

Branson was rescued and found to have vestibular disease. We have brought him to the vet for 2nd visit and were pleased with his results. His ears infections have cleared up, his health is good and he does not need to take any more horrible pinkish medicine.

Ok, coming back to the bended neck, Vet recommended acupunture or laser treatment but its not 100% successful. Will he die if its not treated? NOPE. Its just that he will walk around with a bended neck and an occasion massage on his neck will be good for him.

Everyone of us lead a different lifestyle and there's definitely a dog for one of us. Branson is suitable for family who is looking for a quiet, toliet train and easy to maintain dog. You don't have to walk him twice a day (he is happy to walk around in a small area) and you don't have to worry that he will pee and poo on your bed when you cuddle him to sleep. Sounds like an ideal dog? How about his age? The truth is, small breed dog tend to live longer. We came across adopters who have dog that lived pass 17,18 years old. Does 10 years old sound too old? I don't think so.

Branson deserves a good home. He is such an unassuming little pooch who will steal your heart with his soft gentle gaze. We can't wait for his white coat to grown back.

Branson's story touches many people hearts and we received lots of encouragements, advice and help from the public.We like to thank Lynette for donating $300 and Vijay for donating $100 towards his medical bills. We will be sending him to do his teeth soon.

Please help Branson to find his forever home soon by sharing this post. Let's hope we can find Branson's shiny star soon. Thank you.

17 July 2016: Homestay

We were ecstatic that Branson was on a trial homestay! We kept our fingers crossed, hoping that we could hear some good news.

However, we were disappointed to find out that his homestay did not turn out well. Branson was biting his tail until it started bleeding and he started having a bad diarrhoea. We could do nothing but bring Branson back.

22 July 2016: Dental Appointment

With the donation of $300 from Lynette and $100 from Vijay, we brought Branson for a dental appointment. He got his dental scaling done and a total of 9 teeth were extracted. However, we are definitely relieved to know that he still has some teeth left.

We took it back to his fosterer's place and he was fed with a hearty breakfast the next day. At the fosterer's place was Kelly. another dog up for adoption, who was keeping Branson company. We are definitely glad that Branson has a companion like Kelly after his visit to the vet!


With his teeth problems taken care of, Branson is now ready for a new home. Branson is an unassuming little pooch with a soft gentle gaze that could steal your heart and we can't wait for his white coat to grow black. He does not need any medications and require only minimal attention. He will only bark for attention when he dirties himself with pee and poo. He sleeps most of the time and occasionally exercise by walking in circles. Branson definitely gets along well with other dogs although he could only gaze at the other dogs when they have fun.

We continue holding on the the glimmer of hope that Branson could be accepted into a family one day. Everyone of us lead a different lifestyle and we sincerely believe that there is definitely one perfect dog for each and everyone of us. We earnestly believe in the beauty of life and that Branson will not be left behind.

We are Purely for Adoptions and always hopeful for a permanent home for every dog rescued!

3 Aug 2016

This is Branson, the rescued 10yr Maltese playing with his fur pals at fosterer's place. Branson has made tremendous progress from the day he was rescued. He has since put on weight, no more diarrhea and the best thing is, he learnt to walk straight instead of circles! He can also play with his friends instead of watching them from a distance.

If you do not mind a small breed that is HDB approved and has a bended neck, pls contact 90018848. He is waiting for his forever home

If you like the black puppy in the video, she is Kelly, a 4mth old puppy. She is also up for adoption. Pls contact 90018848 for more info.

13 Aug 2016

Little Branson (Maltese) is having a doggy massage from fosterer's dog Noel (GR) today. All the sweet furries at the fosterer's place are prepping Branson for his future home. If you like to know more about Branson, pls contact 90018848.

22 Aug 2016

Branson is saying hello to everyone. He is doing well and still waiting for his forever home. To know about him, please contact 90018848.


17 September 2016

Branson went for his homestay today! We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that he can be adopted!

28 September 2016

Branson is still on his homestay and he has been loving the the icy cold floor over the nice bed that has been prepared for him.

9 October 2016

It is official! Branson, now renamed Fresco, has been adopted! We are really thankful and touched by Alvin and Caslyn, who stepped up to adopt needy dogs like Branson. Guardian angels definitely exist for every dogs out there, and one will certainly appear when the time is right.

15 October 2016

Branson, the rescued maltese with vestibular disease going for his morning walk today (something which he don't enjoy in his previous home). Life is beginning to get better 🙂 Happy weekend everyone...

1 November 2016

Fresco (Branson) saying hi with his new family!

19 April 2017

Little Fresco (formerly known as Branson) has crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday (19 April 2017). It came to us as a shock as he has been in good health. He left quietly and peacefully in the comfort of his lovely home. Mummy Caslyn was devastated and incoherent when she called me yesterday night. I was shaken too.

Alvin, Caslyn and Dylan, thank you for giving Fresco a home and taking good care of him. Fresco was not easy to take care of as he barks in the middle of night and I have had no doubts that you have lots of sleepless nights. Thank you for not giving up on him for the past 7 months and continued to give him the best you could. He had good food, good company and finally a place called home in his last few months. I understand it’s hard to accept his passing so suddenly but time will heal the pain.

"Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim." (Vicki Harrison).

Fresco is lucky to have found you.

RIP my little Fresco. You will be missed forever.

We like to thank all for following his story and also to Adeline Kwong who sponsored Fresco’s medical fee at the beginning when he was rescued.

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