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Ben Ben

Ben Ben's rescue story is a little dramatic compared to every other rescue tales we have. It all started when a friend of our volunteer called in Nov 2014.

The friend's sister-in-law neglected Ben Ben constantly and after seeing it happen time and again, the friend decided to call in to Purely Adoptions for help. Our volunteer, Wendy, went down and was shocked to see the severe neglect of Ben Ben; he was underweight, had long nails and matted fur filled with pee and poo. He seemed abandoned, left to stay at the balcony, with smelly mucus, and rotten teeth. Upon the friend's request and with the sister-in-law's consent, Wendy took the dog away.


All seems fine and we were ready to take on a new case of finding an adopter. However, the sister-in-law went back on her words. It turned out that Ben Ben belonged to her husband, who obviously did not take proper care of Ben Ben as well. Her husband was livid that the dog was taken away and demanded to get Ben Ben back.

Wendy and her friend both opposed that idea as they knew they would simply be sending Ben Ben back into the fire pit. This angered the husband who eventually went to the police, AVA and SPCA. To our greatest relief, all of them agreed with us that they are not suitable and responsible dog owners and decided to treat it as an animal abuse case.

Ben Ben was awarded to Wendy. This was very much to our relief as we know we could take much better care of Ben Ben and find a good home for him. Wendy cared for it dearly in the mean time and took Ben Ben to the vet to remove his numerous rotten teeth.


As the case closed, we quickly set out to find an adopter for Ben Ben. We knew this would be tough as he is a 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier, a senior dog who is not very popular amongst adopters. Our search went on for 6 whole months. Never once did we give up hope albeit the difficulties. With a strong belief that all dogs deserve a good home, we finally found two kind souls willing to adopt Ben Ben.

11 April 2015: Ben Ben is finally adopted.

Thank you Elvina and Lucas for accepting Ben Ben (now renamed PePe) and giving the 12 year old a second chance. He had practically no chance of being rehomed until you guys came along. We could see the immense joy in PePe when Elvina runs kisses on his face and when Lucas plays the ball with him.


Our journey has never been an easy one, especially when tasked to rehome senior dogs. However, we know we must persevere and seek out all means because this is what we believe in and a special purpose we struck out to accomplish. We are glad that our hardwork and efforts are rewarded time and again such as in the case of PePe.

We are Purely for Adoptions and signing off with the sincere believe that all dogs deserves a good home.

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