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Bear Bear

26 FEBRUARY 2020

We have our 12 year old Bear Bear adopted by En Lai and Mei Ping. This lovely couple always have soft spot for senior dogs. Their previous dog was adopted at the age of 14, found abandoned at Vet Clinic with congestive heart issue. She then passed on 1 year later in the arms of Mei Ping. Not many people will consider adopting a senior pets as some feel that they will incur more medical bills, they dont live long etc. En Lai and Mei Ping are different. They feel that adoption is saving a life. They want to give the best to any senior pets they come across. They like to provide a sanctuary for them in the final stage of their life. Bear Bear is truly blessed to have met them. At the age of 12, he is having the best of his life, with his best friend Taro the Lovebird keeping him company. We love the sights of Taro and Bear Bear together, spotting a best friends outfit 😊 We are happy when our dogs are happy. Thank you En Lai & Mei Ping for your generous hearts.

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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