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There are many reasons dogs are being put up for adoption and not all starts with them being rescued from being stray. The adoption of 10 year old cocker spaniel Snow started when her previous owner is migrating back to Australia. We were told that she was a healthy cocker spaniel when we first received her.

However, after we rescued Snow, we observed that her pee is brownish, which is an indication of blood in the pee. Our worries on the health of Snow doubled after our visit to the vet. We found out from Dr Kitty Huang of Mount Pleasant Vet Centre (Mandai) (Formerly known as AMK Vet) that there were a few health concerns regarding Snow.

Snow has bladder stones, which caused her to have painful and bloody urination. She also has urinary tract infection and will require long course of antibiotics (about 4-8 weeks) and will require a few urine culture tests. Not only so, she has conjunctivitis on her right eye and dry eye condition on both eyes, ear infection and skin infection and allergy, which may require long term management depending on whether it reoccurs. We were horrified at her condition and we knew she will need a lot of care and medical attention.


Dr Huang suggested a cystotomy to remove 2 large stones inside her bladder and to put this case under Mount Pleasant's 'Give Back' programme. We are awfully thankful and relieved to hear this as it will and has helped us save a lot on the operation fee. We also received kind contributions from Jude and Lily in sponsoring the remainder of the medical fee. We simply cannot express our heartfelt gratitude for their kind gestures. They gave Snow the new lease of life that she deserves.

Angie also came forward to foster Snow while she recuperates and waited to be adopted.


Snow was brought out for a day of fun at the park before heading for her operation the next day. Thank you Angie for bringing her out while fostering her. It is really great to see her smile and enjoying herself.

4 January 2016: The operation was a success!

Thank you to Mount Pleasant GIVES BACK project and to Dr Kitty Huang and her team for successfully removing the 2 large stones in Snow's bladder.

16 January 2016: Check up

We brought Snow back to Dr Huang for a follow up check up after her operation. We are heartened to know that Snow is doing great and that her wound is healing fast.

Now, it is finally time to find a new permanent home for Snow.


17 April 2016: It is not easy finding a family willing to accept a senior dog like Snow who is already 10 years of age . However, I guess nothing is impossible and true to that, Jude and Lily texted. They were the first couple to offer help to Snow in terms of financial means. After the operation, Jude and Lily formally adopted Snow.

Sometimes I wonder if some things happen for a reason. Even though Snow was given up for adoption and suffers various medical problems, she has persisted through all. She is now part of a wonderful family, feeling much happier and loved. She is no longer lonely too, with a sister companion of the same breed and age.

We are Purely for Adoptions and signing off with another mission success.


18 September 2017: We were so happy to see her and her buddy Cookie, together with their mummy Lily and daddy Jude.

9 September 2017: Thank you Jude and Lily for the pictures! Its lovely to see Snow so happy and getting so well with Cookie. Snow seems to have put on some weight as well!

Snow at Jude and Lily's home

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