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18 JUNE 2019

We just took in a 11yr old Rich. We have no idea what happened to him and it hurt us to see him suffer in silence. We have brought him to the vet and was given some medicine. We are appealing for supplements ( we are looking at Natural Pet - Probiotic and Skin & Coat supplement) for him for his skin. If you like to help out, you can purchase at:

Or you can buy from your usual pet shop and we will pick up from you.

If you like to help out with his medical fee, you can donate to us via the following ways:

1. UOB Current A/C: 631-302-019-0

2. Using PayNow, the UEN is : 201431426WPA8

3. Write a cheque to "Purely Adoptions Limited" and post to : PO Box 236, Thomson Rd Post Office S915708.

Thank you for your help and we will update everyone on Rich's progress.

30 JULY 2019

Looking for a cat friendly dog? Do consider Rich. He is a sweet and calm dog. To adopt him, pls contact 90709585 (@PurelyWoof). Pls share the post. Thank you.


Rich went for trial homestay today. Yes, there's hope for a 10year old shihtzu with skin conditions.

We took in Rich in June 2019 and he was a poor Shihtzu with bad skin issue. We had no idea what happened to him and the only reason the owner gave was he became hairless after his sterilisation. The owner wanted to give him up. Groomer Zaliegh felt sad for Rich as he has been grooming Rich for past few years and decided to take over Rich to rehome him. He approached us for help. For the past few months, Zaliegh has been taking good care of Rich, giving him good food, supplements and medical care. We try our best to find Rich a home although we know its going to be tough. We didn't give up and we found a potential adopter. Today is Rich's first day at potential adopter's house. Let's hope everything goes well.

9 JANUARY 2020

We have our first adoption of 2020. Rich finally has a home!

We were informed of Rich by @machopawz Groomer Zaliegh when his client decided to give up their dog. Feeling sorry for Rich as he has been grooming him for past few years, Zaliegh decided to take him in and try to find a home for him. He came to us for help. Rich has severe skin issue and he is a senior dog. Knowing the challenges that we will face, we brought Rich to various adoption drives, blasting his poster on social media hoping to find a good family for him. In the meantime, Zaliegh continue to foster him. He brings him to his pet shop everyday and bring him back at night. Rich mixes well with his cats, which is a blessing. Sometime later, a lady called to ask to about Rich and to arrange a trial homestay however it didnt go well. Rich is not toliet trained and in the end, he was returned. Heartbroken that the trial homestay failed, Zaliegh decided to continue to foster him until recently he found that he is getting quite attach to Rich and started to worry he will be rejected by the next family. Zaliegh decided to keep him forever, after all, he has been know him for many years when the previous owner sent in for grooming. We know Rich will be well taken care under Zaliegh's care. He is a good hearted groomer who also do his best to help any animals he come across. When we went to his shop for the handover, we saw he has a rescued cat up for adoption. He also decided to be part of our adoption starter kit sponsor. For every dogs adopted from Purely Adoptions, they will enjoy special grooming rate at his shop which already has reasonable grooming rates. Thank you Zaliegh.

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

@Silverskypets - Free premium Wellness Kibbles @petsdreamworld_sg - Free premium supplement/products @roots_technologies_sg - Free premium brand Toy @noelwhiskylifestyle - Free Dog Tag @PetCubes - Free 2 cases of fresh food @cslingphotos - Discount on pet photoshoot session by award-winning wildlife photographer @petsmagazinesg - Free leading

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