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15 MARCH 2020

We trapped an injured dog at Punggol yesterday. According to the stray feeders, they noticed an injured dog (named Oppa) 3 weeks ago. Oppa was running on 3 legs and the wound on his legs seems to get worse each day. The stray feeders were very anxious and sought help from others before approaching us. We saw the urgency in treating Oppa and decided to trap and treat his injuries first. We will probably have to release him to where we got him (when his wound healed) as we are full at the moment and have no extra funding for commercial boarding.

Oppa is safe at the clinic and we had him sterilised at the same time. This operation will not be possible without our dedicated team Nigel, Gladys, Benson, Damy, Dr K and the stray feeders.

We are glad we got Oppa successfully as we can't imagine what will happen to him if he continue to live with his wound.

We will keep everyone update on his progress.

Visit by volunteer at clinic

Visit by rescuer at clinic

Learning to walk on leash

19 MARCH 2020

We have discharged Oppa from the clinic. He seems to be a very friendly dog and we feel we should give him a chance to find a home. Stray Feeder Winnie will continue to nurse him at her house for the time being. He is small and is HDB approved. If you like to give him a chance, pls contact @purelywoof 90709585. Pls share the post. Thank you.

1 APRIL 2020

Have you wonder how is Oppa, the injured dog we rescued from Punggol doing at Foster mummy Winnie's house? He is adapting very well, learning to take siesta as well 😂

First shower at fosterer's place

With fosterer on first day at fosterer's Winnie place

Getting cosy at fosterer's place

Getting cheeky at fosterer's place

25 OCTOBER 2020

On 15 March 2020, we rescued an injured dog Oppa from Punggol ( Oppa has a big wound on his leg and it seems to be getting bigger. Stray feeders approached us for help and we managed to trap him and nursed him back to health. Few months later, Oppa (renamed to Scooby) captured the heart of his care giver Gabriel and Winnie. He is a very sweet boy, considering he has been in wild since young. Affectionate and good with other dogs. Without much consideration, the care giver decided to proceed with the adoption. We are very happy for Scooby because he is no longer a stray and he will be well taken care of for the rest of his life.

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