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(Part 1) It's very sad when owner give up their dog easily may it be too busy, dog is hard to handle etc. There is one family that I must compliment. Remember Nono, the JRT that was locked up for years in the cage after the owner has a baby? Nono was quite an 'aggressive' and unpredictable dog. Richelle heard about her story on our FB Page and decided to come forward to help. She told her mum that she don't want any present for her birthday but to save 1 dog's life. She decided to adopt Nono. At first, everything went smoothly at home until Nono snapped at her family members. She was taken aback at Nono's behavior but she did not give up. She knew that Nono behave like that because of her past bad experience. Richelle persisted on and got Nono a trainer. Apart from that, she changed Nono's name to Rourou (chinese means 'Gentle') hoping it can change her character. I will be sharing with everyone the before and after video of Rourou after training. What I want to say is, don't give up on your pet so easily. Do give them a chance before sentencing them to death. Everyone deserves a second chance, isn't it?

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