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21 November 2019

Dear friends, thank you for your concern over Gino. He was caught by AVS, hence his disappearance for the past few days. Construction workers also did not inform me that dog catchers came for him.

Gino was bailed out by Estella & Patrick of Purely Adoptions on 18 November, Monday. We brought him to a groomer’s, intending to give him a nice shower to freshen up before sending to fosterer’s place. Unexpectedly, the first groomer & I were unable to handle him and had to send him to a second groomer, who managed to do the job.

I would also like to thank my good friend, Hazel, for agreeing to foster Gino (even though it didn’t work out eventually).

Over at Hazel’s home, Gino did not allow her to be near him or bring him out for walks. I had to go over twice a day in the afternoon and after my night feeding to walk him. He also did not seem to get along well with Hazel’s dog.

All in all, Gino takes time to warm up to people and we have decided for the safety of everyone at home, that we bring him out of Hazel’s place.

Thanks again to Estella & Patrick for finding Gino a kennel spot on short notice. I am pleased to report that he has settled down nicely in the kennel. Until I can find Gino a suitable fosterer for him, I am appealing for donations to help chip in for his $500/month boarding fees.

Thank u for your kind donations. You can donate Purely Adoption via the following ways: 1. UOB Current A/C: 631-302-019-0 2. Using PayNow, the UEN is : 201431426WPA8 3. Write a cheque to "Purely Adoptions Limited" and post to : PO Box 236, Thomson Rd Post Office S915708.


Update on Gino 1 February 2021

All rescued animals have their own stories. Some are fearful, some are aggressive. We believe there’s always a reason why they behave in that way. We have 1 “aggressive” dog , Gino in our kennel which we took in 1 year ago. For the past 1 year, he is wary of people and loathe visitor. He will snarl and turn extremely defensive when we stand outside his kennel. There is no way anyone can touch him except his care giver. We know that is not his fault to behave in this way. We are not giving up on him. Our kennel boarding manager Wong Ling feel pity for him, our Vet Dr Liang hope he can overcome his fear soon and we know we need to help this poor boy. Today, we managed to arrange a castration with Dr Liang for him, have his nails trimmed and teeth polished. It’s a big step for Gino and we hope we can slowly rehab him, at his own pace to trust human again.

Some dogs need more time to rehab. We understand and we will wait for them. We hope we can witness another successful story like Eros who was once ‘aggressive’, waited 5 years in Kennel and now happily adopted. No dogs are born to be aggressive. They just need time to learn how to cohabit with human. Gino, we will do all we can to let you shed your fear and learn to love again


Update on 5 May 2021

It’s not often people take second look at our rescued dogs that has behaviour issue. We have Dr @xutianliang of @westcoastvetcare who think differently. To her, every lives matter. We have Gino which we bailed out from AVS in 2019 in our Kennel. For the last 1 year, nobody can go near him apart from his caregiver as he will turn into defensive mode and start to show teeth. When Dr Liang heard about Gino, she feel sorry for him and hope he can shed his fear and be able to enjoy family warmth and love. She began to visit Gino at our kennel once or twice a week during her off day. At the beginning, Gino behaved aggressively to turn Dr Liang away and this went on for few weeks. On the 5th week which is the current video, Gino mellowed out and remained calm when seeing Dr Liang. It’s A Great Achievement and we can’t help feeling happy for Gino. Finally, Yes finally.. Gino start to trust human. YEAH!!

Thank you Dr Liang for believing in Gino. We definitely look forward to see the brand new Gino and hopefully he will be ready for adoption.

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