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5 JUNE 2015

Urgent looking fosterer or adopter. Please share this post.

This is Eros, 10 month old male puppy. Due to personal reasons, the owner had to give him up for adoptions.

Eros has been pampered and received good care, lots of treats, the children loves him.

He is active and likes to play..

Like to have tummy rub..

Dislike strangers.. Bark out loud..Toilet trained.

For enquires please call 90018848 or email to :

14 FEBRUARY 2016

Purely Adoptions will like to thank Sam (Apollo Chan) and his team from

Mutts & Mittens

for taking such good care of Eros.

During our visit to MM, we took Eros out for a walk, and he is very obedient. He is only 1 year old, male, spayed and looking for a home.

We are looking for fosterer who has experience with dogs to help us foster Eros. Please call us at 90018848 or email to :

4 MAY 2016

Eros, 2 year, male, sterilised up for adoption. To adopt, pls contact 90018848

15 MARCH 2017

It has been quite sometime since we post on Eros. He is 2 yr old, male and has been looking for a home for quite sometime. He loves to go for walk and human company. If you are looking for a running buddy, this is the dog for you. To know more about him or adopt him, pls contact 90018848

29 MAY 2018

Eros, 3yr male has been waiting for his home since he was surrenderd to AVA by his owner 2 year ago. We still harbour the hope that he will find his forever home eventually. Playful and affectionate. You can check out for more info on him. To adopt him, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof)

Thanks to @abbynakajimaphotos for the nice pix!

2 JULY 2019

02 July 2019 5.15pm : Ok Eros and I have a very fun time at our new mini 'dog run' 🤣

Eros from Purely Adoptions is up for adoption!

17 JULY 2019

This is Eros, still looking for a good home. An active and happy boy. You can read about him at If you like to adopt him, pls contact 90018848 (Purely Adoptions). Pls share the post.

1 AUGUST 2020

We believe there's always a home for all rescued dogs/cats. If we need to wait for him/her to appear, we will wait. There's viewing by potential adopter for Eros today at the Kennel. YES! After so many years at the Kennel, we finally have enquiry on him. This boy deserves a home. Let's see how it goes and we really hope he can have a place called home soon. 🤞🤞🤞

16 AUGUST 2020

Eros went for his annual checkup lately. There's a potential adopter for him and we are preparing him for his new family (if everything goes smoothly). Eros was adopted in 2014 and was given up to AVS (then AVA) in 2015. Since then, he has been staying in the shelter. When we bailed him out from AVS, he was fulll of anger and aggressive. We were unable to touch him then. First forward 5 years later, he is a sweet boy who loves to go for walk and be with his other doggy friends. We believe with love and patient, an angry dog can be a sweet loving companion. We wish him all the best and hope he can find his forever home soon.

26 AUGUST 2020

Caregiver Wong Ling is spending some time with Eros before he goes for trial homestay tomorrow. Eros has been in the kennel for past 5 years. He was initially adopted and later surrendered to AVS (AVA then). When we bailed him out from AVS, he was 'aggressive' and nobody dare to go close to him. 5 years later, he is a sweet loving boy. We are so happy he will have a chance to find a home again. Let's hope his trial goes well 🤞

30 AUGUST 2020

Eros is on trial homestay and he seems happy. Let's hope everything goes smoothly


It’s official. Eros has been adopted by Dr Timotheus and Maria. Finally after 5 years living in Kennel. We almost cried when we received the confirmation. Eros was given up to AVS by his previous family. When we bailed him out, he was traumatised and defensive. We remembered in the first year at the commercial boarding, he will bark fiercely when we walked near his kennel. We didn’t give up on him and gave him time to trust human again. We are thankful to have wonderful volunteer Lim Yin who will make an effort to spend time with him, gradually earning his trust. We are glad to have caring caregiver Wong Ling who constantly shower him with tender loving care for the past years. In 5 years time, Eros changed from a ‘aggressive’ dog to a very sweet and loving mutt. We know he is happy in this family. Wong Ling attended his handover session as well. We will miss Eros but we know he is in good hands. Thank you Dr Timotheus and Maria once again.

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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12 OCTOBER 2020

We love real life stories especially on our adopted dogs and cats. Eros has been in our kennel for 5 years before he get to meet his adoptive family. We thought he will stay in the kennel forever but we are wrong. During these 5 years, Eros started to trust human once again, turning from a "fierce & frightened" dog to such a sweet boy. A different home environment will definitely change the dog'a behaviour and we are glad we never give up on him. Don't give up on your pets easily. Find ways to resolve any issue you faced. Animals are like human, they have feelings. Once they are hurt emotionally, it will take a long time for them to heal the broken heart.

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