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28 FEBRUARY 2019

An old lady got sick and she has to give up her 15 year old dog, Babe. She has been taking care of her dog even though the dog lost his sight and can't control his bowels for the last few years. However this year, her sickness got worse and can't take care of him anymore. We want to help this lady but we do not have fosterers at the moment. If you can help, in terms of fostering or adopting Babe, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof). Pls share the post. Thank you.

4 MARCH 2019

Purely Adoptions has been alerted of a rescue case for a 15 year old Maltese recently. This is a genuine case and please do not criticise the owner.

The owner confessed that she had undergone 2 surgeries in the past 2 years. She hung on as long as she could to take care of Bebe, her companion for 15 years. But her medical conditions was not getting better.

Both her son n daughter-in-law refused to help her to look after Bebe, as they do not have affection for this old dog. This senior lady who was ill, had no choice but to section Bebe to the kitchen corner.

She didn't want to PTS Bebe and have desperately been asking around for help.

Purely Adoptions responded to her cry for help and immediately sprung into actions to help her.

Purely Woof - Irene went down to understand from Aunty her situations and looked at the conditions of the Senior dog Bebe. He was in terrible conditions, smelly with fur matted and had not been showered for a month. Irene assured her that Bebe would be in good hands. Purely Adoptions would take over the responsibility to take care and rehome Bebe.

Aunty cried when Irene was about to leave as she felt so grateful that her soul mate had some hope. There would be a chance that he would be rehome, rather than the daunting choice of PTS.

After reassuring Aunty that Bebe will be fine, with a heavy heart Aunty bid farewell to Bebe. Irene brought Bebe to fosterer Sharon place and gave Bebe a make over.

After a shower and some trimming of fur, we discovered that he is quite a handsome boy.

We would let him rest a couple of days and settle down. On Tues, we would bring him to the vet for a thorough check up. For the moment, Bebe was sleeping and resting. He must be missing his soul mate, his owner aka Aunty.

Please stay posted as we continue our journey with Bebe recovery stories.

5 MAY 2019

15yr old Bebe finally has a forever home. He was given up with Aunty Christine when she fell sick and find it a struggle to take care of senior Bebe. She knew she has to find a good family to take care of Bebe and approached us.

David and Eileen came across our post and feel pity for Bebe. Despite his age, they are willing to take care of him for life knowing it will be hard for him to find a new home. They are prepared that he is not toliet trained. All they want is to let Bebe has a comfortable life for his remaining years. They came to Pet Expo to view him and started trial homestay. Everything went smoothly and its a yes. Thank you David and Eileen for considering a senior dog. We are glad we met you.

We like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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27 MAY 2019

Happy Monday everyone! This is Bebe, the 15yr old maltese which we rescued and rehomed. Doesn't he look fantastic! Its a new beginning for our 15yr Bebe and he is enjoying every happy moments with his new family. Every animals deserves a second chance regardless of their age. Pls promote adoption of pets than buy.

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