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26 JUNE 2019

Purely Adoptions has been alerted of an abused n tethered JRT. This poor dog is chained up all the time, feed with colourful kibbles (lowest grade); sleep on cold concrete floor and with bright lights on. He is “used” as a guard dog in a shop house.

The rescuer cannot bear to see this dog tethered all dog and decided to report to AVS. The inspector from AVS went down and investigate because the rescuer complained. With much persuasion from rescuer, the owner gave up the dog and allowed us to take over.

When we rescued this dog Rex, we realised that the left eye is blind. This is due to prolong neglect and eye infection. The owner refuse to bring to vet because they said no money. This is very irresponsible and utterly disappointing. Weak hind legs and there was a permanent mark on neck because of prolong tying up with collar.

We had to rescue Rex from the evil clutches of its owners. We felt so unjust for Rex, we felt that humans had let him down, we felt that we need to liberate him from Hell.

As soon as we took Rex away from that shop and it’s owners, he felt so happy. Although blind in one eye and partial blind in the other, he was able to jump over drain covers and hop up the pavement. Active boy with a new passion in life! He went into the car willingly as though he knew that he would be brought to a better place.

At the foster place, he met another dog, so happy as he wagged his tail and kept following Bobby around. The foster fed him some warm wet food, Rex finished everything and licked the bowl clean. OMG, I wondered how many days he had not eaten. Or it’s the first time he ate some warm wet food.

Over next few days, we will be bringing him for medical review at the vet, feed him well and bring him up to health. Also we will be bringing him for some grooming and pamper him.

... stay tune for a brand new Rex story.

29 JULY 2019

Remember sometime back we took in a semi blind dog Rex that was tied at the back of a shop? He is on trial homestay at the moment. Very much pampered at potential adopter house and definitely a drastic change from his previous house. We wish him all the best and will keep everyone posted.

4 AUGUST 2019

Tracillia and Lawrence came to our Joo Chiat 60 Fiesta Adoption Drive looking to adopt a dog. We asked what kind of dog are they looking at and they mentioned they are looking for a dog that has least chance to be adopted. Immediately Rex came to our mind. He is a senior Jack Russell and is semi blind. He also has sensitive back leg and might snap if not handled properly. Apart from that, he has bad dental. This kind couple said ok, they like to view Rex. After viewing, they proceed to have a trial homestay. Within less than a week (trial homestay is usually 1 week), they confirmed the adoption. Maybe all along, their intention is just to save a life, regardless what medical conditions the dog has and the age of the dog. They know deep in their heart, they have space at home and they want to open up their place for a homeless animal. We did the handover today and coincidently, tomorrow is the 1 year death anniversary of their previous dog.

Sometimes things happen for a reason. Rex has been tied up at the previous owner shop and lucky Stray Feeder Irene Xu notified us of him. We got Rex out and started to find a home for him. Its not easy to find someone to accept a dog with medical conditions and especially a semi blind dog. Tracillia and Lawrence appeared. Its like a god sent. We were shocked and elated when they expressed interest in helping the least adoptable dog. Angels exist. In this case, they are Tracillia and Lawrence. Thank you once again for your kind heart.

11 APRIL 2020

We love to see happy pictures of our adopted dog. This is Rex which was previously chained up in a shop. He is now a happy dog with Daddy Lawrence and Mummy Tracillia. Loves his smile and good to see he has put on quite abit of weight. Thanks Lawrence and Tracillia for giving him a second chance 😊

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