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Sweet Pup Atlas!

Atlas's story:

'It started off with an IG photo of puppies, covered in mud at the bottom of a drain, lost and helpless. I felt called to help and having space in my heart and home, I talked to my family, and we agreed to foster a puppy. And that's how Atlas came into our home and our lives!

Atlas is a sweet pup, loves play, and being with people. Not going to sugar coat it: caring for a pup even as a foster is demanding. The cleanups, the chewing of things, the nipping. But it was also very rewarding and gives purpose to my life in a way that only a dog can. So when the time to put him up for adoption and find him a forever home, I talked to my family and made a decision to ask him to be part of our clan.

Thank you to Purelywoof and team for the trust, guidance, and support over the last month. It's heartening to see the love and care you give to each dog, and I promise to do my best by Atlas to help him become the best dog he can be.'

Thank you, Hannah for adopting! We wish you many years of love, joy and happiness with Atlas. 🐾🐾💕

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting our cause.

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