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16 JULY 2018

In our current day and age, TNR is a good way to control population of stray animals and there are simply way too many homeless animals already out there looking for a home. Survivor is just one of the many TNR statistics. He was trapped in early June after missing for about a few days for his sterilisation. When the trapper managed to trap him, he was found to have a wound on his hind leg. We are unsure what causes the injury, it may be due to cat fight, or accidents, etc as he is a stray cat. He needed to fight to survive, he needed to escape from monsters such as big vehicle or even people who dislike him for being a black cat.

As in any surgery, a simple sterilisation is equally risky. When Survivor was released back to his community, he couldn't walk. We cannot understand why he couldn't walk. Did surgery went wrong? Did his injured leg created this problem? Was he allergic to Anaesthesia? Or did he had any underlying issues which we are not aware

We send Survivor to another vet and the vet diagnosed he got some nerves issues which can be cured with steroids administration for 2 weeks. During this painful 2 weeks, he struggle to eat, pee and even poo. He couldn't take care of himself, he was angry, frustrated and distrustful against human who caused him so much pain. But he knew he needed help to get better.

Survivor needed to be stimulated at the boarding facility in order for him to pee and poo. He couldn't use even use a normal litter tray but a pee tray with pee pad instead. He couldn't even eat without being spoon fed. Sadly ,he is still unable to stand after 2 weeks of medication..

The fact that we can see him having the determination to get better, we must help him. If we don't, who will? He needed special care to get better and we know he can get better, he is a survivor. We had helped him find a foster who is able to help him while he recuperate . We will be sending him to a third vet soon and will need your donations. Please help Survivor to get through this difficult phase so that we can all see him chase after the butterflies in the park again.

If you like to help out with Survivor's medical bill and expenses, you can donate directly to Purely Adoptions UOB Current A/C: 631-302-019-0 and indicate "Survivor" in your transaction Or u can write a cheque to "Purely Adoptions Limited" and post to : PO Box 236, Thomson Rd Post Office S915708 and indicate "Survivor" at the back of your cheque.

Thank you for your donations and we will keep everyone posted on his progress.

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