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Snow White Search

18 MAY 2018





Special thanks to Ryuuko Ookami for her donation of 15 packs of Toplife Milk for Dogs. Mummy Snow White simply loves the milk and lick up every drop.

This rescue of a mummy dog and puppies has strengthen the team spirit of fellow Singaporeans. We may not know each other but we have a common goal. The goal is to provide for mummy dog and make sure she has plenty of nutritious food, comfortable and plenty of milk to feed her babies ... our story will be continued

31 DECEMBER 2018

Our be blessed with warmth, love and happiness.

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20 JANUARY 2019

Sleepy went for trial homestay today. He is the only pup left from Snow White's puppies who is still looking for a home. We wish him all the best.

21 JANUARY 2019

Loves the update on Sleepy's trial homestay. 1 day into his trial homestay, he got new toys, treats and daily walk. Be a good boy Sleepy. Potential Daddy & Mummy seems to like you a lot 🙂

5 MAY 2019

We have just posted on Snow White's puppy Dopey (D'Artagnan) adoption and we saw another updates on Bashful (another one of Snow White puppiea). Both dogs seems to have beautiful smile 🙂 We are sure Bashful is very happy in her current home. Thanks Jayanthi!

12 MAY 2019

The greatest Mother's Day gift to everyone Mummy is to see their kids happy. We believe Snow White will feel the same if she were to see this pic. This is the latest updates on one of her puppies - Sneezy (renamed as Breezy). She is the first puppy to be adopted from the batch and we are glad to learn that she celebrated her 1st Birthday on Mother's Day. Snow White was rescued together with her 7 puppies on last year Mother's Day. Thank you Liz Bay for the pic. It's a lovely gift for all of us.

25 MAY 2019

We have posted on Sleepy who is looking for a home and is HDB approved. We did mention he is barkish and people are probably intimidated by that sentence. Well, he is really a sweet boy who loves to be with human. He likes to sit on the lap as well. The only thing with Sleepy is he will bark when there's strangers but that only last for awhile. After that, he is ok. Sleepy is determined to find a home and he is here to show you his bark is just like the squeaking toy. If you have this toy at home, you are ok to have him in your house. Do consider our lovely Sleepy boy, he is such a real darling. To adopt him, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof). Pls share the post. Thank you.

26 MAY 2019

Snow White is getting more and more curious and confident. She starts to explore fosterer's house (which is a great improvement from the time she was rescued) and is extremely quiet even when there's stranger (contrary to her son Sleepy). She is around 2yr old, HDB approved and looking for a home. You can read about her rescue tale at If you like to adopt her, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof)

23 JUNE 2019

Snow White is getting better each day and she is definitely getting more confident. She was rescued last year Mother's day after giving birth to 7 puppies ( Initially a very timid dog who will hide at one corner when rescued, she started to trust human and yearn for attention and love. A very sweet dog. Very quiet and is HDB approved. If you like to adopt her, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyWoof), pm @purelywoof . Pls share a post so she can find a forever home soon.

3 JULY 2019

Snow White told Foster Mummy Sharon that her bed exploded when she was out 🤔😂. We will get another new bed for her. This sweet mummy was rescued 1 year ago together with her seven puppies ( The recent post on the 4 rescued puppies stirred lots of dissatisfsction among viewers on why we did not rescue the Mummy Mel. For those who has been following our page for quite some time will know that its not our practice to leave the mummy dog behind if we can save all together. Snow White is one good example. Sometimes circumstances don't allow us to even go near them, let alone trapping them. Stray Feeders of the forest which the puppies were rescued feel very hurt by the comments. They are the one who have been climbing up the steep hill every week (yes no joke, I climbed as well and was panting like mad) without fail, carrying 20over kg of rice and water to feed the dogs in the forest. When they got to know Mummy Mel gave birth again (yes, its not the first time she has given birth and we have been trying our best to trap her all the time so we can sterlise her and control the population there but failed. She is too elusive.), their immediate reaction was to bring mummy and puppies down asap as its dangerous in the forest. However things doesn't always go according to our wishes. They couldn't bring both down and decided to go ahead to save the puppies first. They feel very sad for leaving the mummy behind as they have created a special bond with the dogs in the forest. They are not just dogs in the forest. They are their PETS in the wild. For those who has been stray feeding will know the feeling of thinking for the stay animals they have been feeding.

Doing rescue work is not a cheap. Trapping a single dog will cost $250-$500 depending how difficult it is to trap, medical fee side will be couple of hundreds to thousands (depending on the conditions) and boarding which cost $500/mth per dog. Recently we have posted looking for fosterer for the puppies daddy Latte. Not much responds on that post. To be continued..

8 JULY 2019

Snow White loves her new bed! Thanks to Yunn Wenn Leo for donating her dog's bed and some Toys, Blankets, Towels, bowls and Kibbles to us.

If you like to donate any pre-owned dog bed & accessories, cats accessories and other items to us as well, do contact 90018848 (Purely Adoptions). Thank you for your kind donations

Sleepy is on trial homestay after yesterday adoption drive. Sleepy:" Good morning everyone! Its a beautiful day 😀"

19 JULY 2019

How is cheeky boy Sleepy doing at potential mummy's place? We will know the answer tomorrow. Loves his smile. Sleepy is one of Snow White's puppies (the only one remaining) who went for his trial home stay after last week adoption drive. We wish him all the best.

Snow White went for her trial homestay today!! We are so excited for her. She has been waiting for her own family for almost a year after she was rescued with her 7 puppies ( We are glad she made tremendous improvements in opening up to human and starting to love and trust her care giver. Snow White was very scared when we first brought her to her potential adopter house. She quickly find her comfort zone in the toliet and potential adopter decided to let her settle down first. With potential adopter's love and patience, we believe Snow White will slowly start to roam around the house. We wish her all the best and hope to hear the good news soon.

20 JULY 2019

Sleepy found his forever home! It has been a year since he followed us to different adoption drives. 2 weeks ago, he was at Joo Chiat adoption drive, happy as usual as he knows its just an outing for him. However a brother and sister came and noticed him. They were keen to have a trial homestay with him. Knowing this cheeky boy will be up to some mischief at new place such as chewing on bed, shoes and barking loudly, our volunteer aka Sleepy's Godma Adeline and Foster Mummy Stella were telling him to behave at new place. If he can be a good boy and we don't hear any complain from potential adopter, we will give him 10 pkt of dehydrated treats. He is a food motivated boy. Its a promise and we know it will be hard for him to behave. 1st day of trial homestay went by, no bad news from potential adopter. 1 week went past and everything seems good. 2 week gone and potential adopter confirmed adopting Sleepy. Jaws dropped! Sleepy, you really got us. Potential adopter said Sleepy didn't bark at all. He also didn't bite the shoe and destroy the Sofa. Ok. Our promise to him. 10 pkt of dehydrated treats for him. Thank you Yuk Ping and children Peterson and Priscilla for giving Sleepy a chance. We missed him but we are very happy you gave him a lovely home.

Snow White sneaked out of the toilet yesterday night to potential adopter's air con room and slept underneath her bed 😄 Such a smart girl!! Well done Snow White! We hope you can gather more confidence and start to roam the whole house soon. Can't wait to hear more good news from you

21 JULY 2019

Another big leap by Snow White. Today is only 3rd day at potential adopter place and she started to explore the place. She looks very happy looking at the sky in the video. Is it because she knows Sleepy, the remaining pup has found his forever home yesterday? 🙂 Snow White, take your time to build your trust in this potential adopter. We know she will take good care of you. We are all waiting to see your smiling faces. All the best!

22 JULY 2019

Day 4. Snow White is smiling and walking around. She really made my day 😍😍

27 JULY 2019

Its official. Snow White has been adopted by Loran and her family. It has been a year since Snow White has been rescued from the construction site with her 7 babies ( Ever since she was rescued, she has always been very skittish and timid. She will hide at one corner at fosterer's hpuse. We took quite some time to rehabilitate her. As time passes, we managed to find home for her puppies until recently her only puppy Sleepy found his forever home. We have posted a video of Snow White looking at the moon, smiling as if she knows Sleepy has a home.

Snow White is still a bit timid when we went to Loran's place to do handover. However after we left, we understood she came out of her hiding place to the living room, sitting by the window and smiling. She must have thought we were there to take her away 🙂

We are glad we found Loran who is willing to give an adult timid dog a 2nd chance. Snow White used to live in dusty contruction site and eventually gave birth there. We believe she has gone through a lot in her early life. Now we know we have changed her destiny. We are happy. Thank you Loran once again.

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This is Sleepy ( one of Snow White's son) saying hi to everyone. He is now called "Sam" and happily rehomed to a very nice family. Glad to see his happy face. Sam has been following us to different adoption drives for 1 year before he got to meet his current family. We believe there's always a home for every dogs, its a matter of time. We are happy our effort pays off 😍


We are very touched by the dedication of Waterway K9 Regulars - around 30 people (Dog owners & residents at Punggol) who helped us to look for Snow White for the past 4 days. They will meet every night, stationed themselves at different strategic locations (even stationed in their flat to give birdview of the field and surrounding area) and give instant updates to us for immediate actions. We had few spottings of her, been really close to her but lost her. Today is the 4th day since she was lost and we are still looking for her. We do not know Waterway K9 Regulars before we lost Snow White and we are deeply moved by their kindness in extending help to a complete stranger and a lost dog. They do not have a facebook page, and only a whatapp group chat for their dog walking activities. Thank you Jay and your team, thank you for loving Snow White as much as we do. Let's hope we can find her soon. Fingers crossed.

23 NOVEMBER 2019

Best News Ever!!! We got back Snow White!!! Yes, at this time 23.44pm of 22 Nov 19 😆😆😆It has been exactly 3 weeks since she went missing and the Purely Adoptions Team together with Waterway K9 Regulars have been looking for her since then. We also like to thank cat rescuer Chris and Nigel together with owner Loran for keeping close watch on the trap we set every day and night. Thank you Damy and Dr K for being part of this searching team, Christine & Marcus from CAS for lending us the fence and Mark for lending us the net.

Punggol East and Edgedale Plains residents have been very kind in helping and sending us lastest sightings of Snow White in the vincity. Thank you everyone for watching out for Snow White and keeping her in your Prayers.

To Punggol East, Edgedale Plains & Waterway K9 Regulars, you guys ROCKS! You have shown us the most beautiful side of Punggol and what a wonderful and dog friendly estate to live in. Thank you!

25 NOVEMBER 2019

Pls help to look out for Snow White!

Run loose on 23 Nov (10.30pm) around Pandan Valley, Ewart Park area has short tail and pointed ears. (Around Pandan Valley, Holland Village)

She is wearing a RED harness with leash on and choke chain and black collar with tag.

She's very skittish. DO NOT chase.

Any leads, pls contact 90018848 or PM Purely Adoptions asap

Thank you 🙏

26 NOVEMBER 2019

Anyone stays around Holland Rd (opposite 3 Pandan Valley), Ewart Park, Greenleaf Drive/rd or has friends who stay around these mentioned area? Snow White was spotted around 9pm yesterday night and we understood from the residents here that she was spotted around 3pm this afternoon. Pls help us to share this post to your FB, IG, Twitter, Whatapp Gp chat (if there's a Holland Rd group chat will be best) etc. We need public assistance in giving us leads as this place is secluded and not many people will pass by. If you have any leads, pls contact 90018848 (PurelyAdoptions) asap. Pls do not chase her. Do call us or take pictures of her whereabout if you can so we can establish her usual route and plan for trapping.

Snow White has short tail, pointed ears and still wearing red harness, semi-choke collar and a tag.

For those who stays around these area and help to join us in finding her, pls contact 90018848.

Thank you for helping.

16 DECEMBER 2019

We been looking around for our lost Snow White/Baby and tends to end up finding other lost dogs 😂 We found a lost dog today and fortunately, managed to find the owner of this furry darling within the same day. Kudos to Irene of @PurelyWoof 😊

27 DECEMBER 2019

While our team are at West Coast Park searching for Snow White, they came across this friendly stray boy which they named fondly as Ah Ong. According to them, Ah Ong seems not neutered yet. We intend to trap, sterilise him and hopefully if he can be domesticated, rehome him. We have no idea how old is Ah Ong, his temperament but what we know is he is quite a friendly boy who can eat a lot 😅. He seem to be HBD approved as well. We are looking for Forsterer for him. If you can foster Ah Ong, pls contact 90018848 (Purely Adoptions). Pls help to share the post. Thank you.

29 DECEMBER 2019

We had the most amazing adventure last night. We wanted t