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170318 Paw Party 2017 (18 Mar)

Venue:Sixth Ave Playground Date:18 March 2017 Time:3pm to 7pm

Purely Adoptions would like to thank Grace and the organizing committee from Lim Tai See Community for hosting a fabulous adoption drive on 18 Mar 2017. We have received several inquiries on Fu Li, Sora, Nala and Snorlax, the puppies that we brought to the adoption drive. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to show case them for chance to be adopted.

We had also met our adopted puppy, Brandy, 7 years of age. She is so beautiful and gorgeous and we certainly had to give credits to her pawrents, Shirlin Lam and Lee Francis for pampering Brandy.

Also we had a handsome Golden Retriever called Woody, the fur kid of Stephanie Ngow. He was wearing Purely Adoptions T-shirt and looks so handsome that he became the superstar of the day - everyone wanted to take a photo with him. Kudos to the team and thank you everyone for your kind and constant support!

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